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Crashes at car meets.

24 July 2017
Torrance, Ca
I posted this on another forum:

I spent a good part of the weekend watching show off crashes at car meets, primarily Cars & Coffee stuff.

I find myself in agreement that these "incidents" are almost expected.

This is mostly due to the lines of people on the sidewalks egging drivers to do a burnout or high speed exit.

Age of the crowd is a contributing factor, although I see a lot of over 50 dumbshits in the drivers seat screwing the pooch and wrecking.
Traction control on, respect cold tires and (around Cleveland) cold pavement, don’t drive like a ass. A nice rev or two at exit for the youngsters is about all I do. It’s really pretty simple.
so many vids of hellcats/GT 500/vettes getting all outa shape...guys love a good audience I guess....lights camera action....
Cars & Coffee & Crowd & Testosterone

The most amusing ones are the people in the middle of some cars drifting around them. That's like Spanish bullfight with a red Torrero but no sword. :D