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Dali Racing - Now I know what the Racing stands for


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12 February 2002
Rotterdam, Netherlands
For those of us who like a bit of speed....

Last weekend I ordered some stuff from Dali Racing in San Diego. Aerorotors, ATE fluid, brake-pads, battery and some other small stuff. On Sunday I got a mail from Mark telling me he had the stuff shipped out.

TODAY (Tuesday) the mail came by to drop the first part of the shipment off.
For the record, I live in Rotterdam, the Netherlands in Europe.
Talk about quick. That's TWO days for delivery of a probably not so very light package including passing two borders.

Very unfortunately I was at work so I still don't have the goods. Will have to pick it up tomorrow ;(
Damn, was that shipped *Last* Sunday, or 2 days ago?
Thats top notch service considering its International, either you paid a lot for shipping to get it there that fast, or you got lucky. What company shipped your parts?
Got a mail from Dali on Sunday, March 9th the goods were sent. It wasn't earlier because on Saturday I was still discussing things with Mark about which items I exactly wanted and stuff and we didn't finish until late Saturday evening (my time).
Shipping was done by EMS. In my experience, Mark is always trying to cut down on transportation on shipments to me and this time, with rotors, pads and battery, there is of course quite a lot weight involved.
I have always had EXCELLENT service out of MJ too.
I'm a customer for life.

Originally posted by 92NSX:
I have always had EXCELLENT service out of MJ too.
I'm a customer for life.

I have been going to Mark for a few months and he has always provided fast service!!!

I'm with you 92NSX!

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Tell me about it, just ordered Eibachs from him to be shipped to Florida. They got here two days early, didn't have the COD ready for him!!!!

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Did you have to pay import taxes ?

When I bought my new center console in the US, I had to pay
full price in US ( tax included), en when the package arrived
in Belgium, I had to pay the BTW (VAT) on the value mentioned
on the package !

I could order some things, like rims, from Mark but I think
in this way it will be too expensive.

Thanks for your reply.

My total order was shipped in three different packages. The first one, as stated above, arrived in two days. The other two were much heavier (battery, pads, fluids) and the other with new front rotors. These took considerable longer. Only on the last package did I have to pay some taxes (Euro 35 in all). The packages went through Germany and obviously were checked there.
So far I did not get any additional charges. It seems to make a difference who's shipping the stuff. Shipping with UPS always means taxes and/or VAT but Mark usually ships through US Mail. It's cheaper and it seems just as quick.