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Dashboard Protectant

9 September 2000
Arcadia, Calif., USA
I would like to use some protectant on my dashboard to protect it from the sun. I have Vinylx and used it on my other car but I didn't like the glossy shine it left behind. Is there any protectant that doesn't leave the dash so shiny? I like the way the dash looks now without the shiny wet look. Thanks for any help.

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I really like Zymol's product, called "Vinyl". It leaves the dash with a slightly satiny sheen, not a gloss, and its all-natural ingredients have a pleasant, fresh fragrance. You can get it by mail from Emmons Coachworks or direct from Zymol, both of whom offer a 10 percent discount to members of the NSX Club of America. Or, look up your local retailer on Zymol's website here.
Hi Ken,
Thanks for your replies to this and other questions I have posted on this forum. You think you can private me about how you bold type some of your words and set up your links in your replies. I know you did this for another forum member so sorry for the redundacy. Also would you or anyone else on this forum tell me how to post pictures on this forum. As you can see I'm pretty computer illiterate but willing to learn
. Thanks again!

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I'll post it here on the board in case others are interested.

Don't click on anything shown as a link below.

If you want to bold something, then put:

[ B]

before it (but leave out the space between the bracket and the "B" above) and put:


after it.

If you want to post a link to a website called, let's say, http://www.linkme.com , and you want to have the link shown on the screen as "linkname", then here's how to do it:

[ URL=http://www.linkme.com]linkname[/url]

but leave out the space between the bracket and the "URL" above.

If you want to include an image in your post, it must be available on a website where anyone can link to it (IOW not requiring a login procedure). The picture will have its own website address - for example, let's say, http://www.mydomain.com/picture.jpg Then, include the following in your post:

[ IMG]http://www.mydomain.com/picture.jpg[/img]

but leave out the space between the bracket and the "IMG" above.

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Thanks Ken for your invaluable information. I'm printing your response so I'll always have it handy. I'm glad this board has someone like you who seems to be knowledgable about any topic that comes up on the forum. Thanks again

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Originally posted by nsxtasy:
I didn't even know that was there. Thanks, David!

Everyone mark this date on their calendar: the day someone else referred keN SaX to a FAQ! :-D