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Strange issue if car stalls


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13 May 2022
Hopefully the guru's here can help me with a pretty intermittent issue. My '98 has 100k miles on it. Over the past 2 years I have discovered an odd issue when the car is accidently stalled. When I got the car at 98k miles on it I went to the local dealer and had a ton of work done (timing belt, valve adj, wp, clutch master leak fixed, spark plugs, air filter) to get the car up to date. Car drove fine and all was well.

After taking my car to a trusted mechanic for some work (Brakes, alignment, suspension) I got the car back with the check engine light on and showing multiple cyl missfire - We clear the code and everything is fine. I then had a different shop do some vinyl wrapping and when i go to pick the car up again I have a check engine light and when i read the code again it's multi-cyl missfire.

2 weeks ago I am leaving a parking lot and crawling through traffic and i accidently stall the car. it has a hard time firing up and the dash lit up like a christmas tree. Once it did fire up the check engine light was on and as I continued to drive home the car randomly died multiple times. No rough idle, just dead. Each time it fires up and drives for a few hundred feet then dead again. I am less than 2 miles from home, make it there and park it overnight. Get in the next day and fires up, i read the same multi-cyl miss fire codes but the car drives completely fine.

I have been told that this could be main relay related but doing a search it doesn't seem like that's the issue. The problem is that this happens only if the car stalls so unless I intentionally try to stall the car I don't ever think about it and the car is completely fine. I am at a loss for where to start troubleshooting so any advice is welcome.