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Dealership recommendation

1 January 2020
Hello all,

I'm thinking on purchasing a custom ordered 2020 NSX with quite a few extras and I was wondering if any of you could recommend a dealer that I could place the order with. I assume most of you have done the homework of looking around for the best offer (or at least a better deal than others) as I plan on purchasing it in full-cash without financing and then have it shipped overseas. There are no Acura dealers here where I live so my best option is just to buy it in the US and export it, hence the need of recommendation on dealers. Anywhere in the US is fine. I would just have it shipped to Miami.

Thanks in advance!
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Obviously at the other end of the United States, but I would recommend DCH Tustin Acura in Tustin CA. The Service Manager is named Sarah Posell. Their phone number is 7147344045. Their website is www.DCHTustinAcura.com They have been really supportive in my getting my 2017 NSX the way I want it. She has a great relationship with the NSX Salesman who specializes. They regularly work on the new and older NSXs and have two Techs that are factory trained on the new car. They have also ordered several new 2020 NSXs. Let me know how that works out. Tell her than Manny Fernandez sent you. If you have some questions send me an email at [email protected]
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