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Dent Removal Recommendations

29 August 2001
Brentwood, CA USA

I haven't seen a recent thread or post on the group's recommendation regarding dent removal for an NSX in the East Bay or Sacramento area...

Unfortunately, I've got one on a crease, and would be interested in your recommendations.

Diablo Dent. Ask for Chris. 925-462-1200. Assuming that it's something that can be handled by paintless dent repair.
Will do before the weekend is out...

Forewarning: I'm sure there will be some paint damage, but looking to smooth the surface out.
that looks like it might not be fixable with paintless repair but have someone come out and look at it anyway. I think creases like that will be difficult to smooth out.
There is a chance that can be done, an experienced tech should be able to get most of it out if not all of it, depending on the depth. The crease looks pretty sharp, which will make the repair more difficult. By removing the taillight, it's wide open for good leverage in that part of the 1/4 where the dent is located. If it can't be pdr'd completely because of the severity of the dent, it CAN be repaired enough to only need prime and block ( if your going to fix regardless ) before paint. The damage you have does NOT warrant a new panel, as stated previously that it may need a new one.
Thanks for all the ideas and replies, guys:smile:

I'm willing to entertain any other thoughts and recommendations.
Charles, it has been years! How have you been? Back then you and I were the only two white NSX exist in the Bay Area.
Hey Larry!

It HAS been a long time! Hope all is well with you..

Here's the reason that's been keeping me busy and away from the car stuff for awhile:
OK guys...thanks for all the suggestions and the pm's!

I'm trying to confirm with a couple of leads, but nothing solid yet...

Keep 'em coming in!

Still looking..including a run down to Southern California if I have to..waiting to hear back if it's a do-able thing or not..

Thanks again for all the leads!