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Design the new NSX !!!

21 March 2000
Los Angeles
Let's see what you all want in the new NSX. Forget the rumors. What do YOU wish for? Make your comments on the following categories brief. If there are enough responses I'll assemble the results in one fantasy vehicle.

ENGINE - V6 vs V8
SUSPENSION - includes wheel and tire
AESTHETICS - classic NSX,Modena influenced..
CREATURE COMFORTS - are gadgets appropiate?

94 Red & Tan NSX 5spd
1999 Cosmos BMW M Coupe 5spd

me want NSX, me 15, me no have NSX =( but me do 3d art http://members.home.com/mcudich
Not too much to change I think. But an all aluminum body, with a light weight V8 coupled with VTEC...would make a monster car.

Fixed Headlight (tastefully designed)

Selectable Suspension settings (like an F355)

Better auto box for those who want one...I would prefer the current 6spd manual though

Smoother edges

Lightweight, manual adjust seats (no additional gadgetry)

More body incorporated aerodynamic aids (under body air flow as well as integrated spoiler for more downforce without comprimising form)

lower Pricing...with value to match

Got dat ol' vee six cilnder inder?

The current NSX is great, but here's what I would like to see!

Engine: V8 (lightweight, high revving)350-400hp.
Aesthetics: Keep the same style but shorten the rear end, more ground effects, rounder corners.
Interior: Improved audio, keep the low cowl,
provide an inch more headroom.

As with any Honda product, I expect the new NSX to be as reliable and precise as the current model. I also think they should keep the price about the same. It keeps the NSX a rare item on the road.

What do you guys think?
ENGINE - Wouldn't it be amazing if they could put out a high revving 400hp V6?

SUSPENSION - perhaps stiffer for Targa models

AESTHETICS - a more aggressive take on the current NSX design, but only slightly deviating from the current (after all, I bought my 2000 for fear that it would stray from the design I've loved for the past ten years)...DEFINITELY do NOT want to see large fixed headlights nor the bulby roundness that is marring the designs of many of today's cars. Small and inconspicuous fixed headlights would be better, but I really don't mind popups. How about a convertible, anyone?

CREATURE COMFORTS - would love to see an in-dash GPS navigation (as in Japan) and seats which memorize their positions...but wouldn't want to weigh down the NSX with anything more than what is currently available

ALUMINUM (even lighter weight than the current if possible)

PRICING - the elitist in me says keep the price high (after all, I like being in a rare automobile...and would hate to see the value of mine drop if a more affordable NSX replaced the current one)...but having it at $60,000 would REALLY make a difference in sales

--akira3D ('00 NSX-T red/black #113)
"Reality is better than the dream..."


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I would like them to keep the old design, but just mildly update it. That means no more "pop-up" lights...Bigger wheel set up....17' inch in front, 18'in rear....Stronger aluminum body to avoid "dings"....And add a small V8 no more than a 3.6 liter 360-410hp output...Price stays the same or a slight increase....

One day at a time...
Keep the over all dimensions, exterior and interior. Keep the overall layout, mid engine, rear drive, 2 passenger.
High tech & high revving 4.0L v-8 400 hp minium and more torque.
Aluminum body and chassis
6 speed tranny
18 inch wheels with wider tires
Larger diameter brakes, Brembos a la Porsche 911 TT
Stiffer suspension, with out the electronic adjustability.
Try and keep the weight down to 2800
No high tech gadgets like Navigation, DVD or adjustable suspension, etc. Keep it a drivers car.
Ditch the tape for a single disc CD player, with changer in the trunk.
Use analog gauges, not like the S2000's digital instruments.
Leave the intergrated spoiler, but have fixed HID headlights.
I like the edge styling, all the new Honda models have edgy styling. Like the S2000 so I'm sure the new NSX will adopt that similar styling.
Keep pricing around 100,000 so you don't see them all over the place like corvettes!!! I mean if people will shell out 150,000 + for 360 modenas they will pay 100K for a car with similar performance. Althought Honda doesn't have the prestige as Ferrari but the race histroy is certainly there!

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All good ideas, but I definitely want hidden headlights...... The car looks so much cleaner and gives the front end a nice looking stance... integrated headlights look like #!$%. That's it......keep the 'pop' up lights!!!!!

Todd Arnold
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Engine: V8=weight. I want a high tech, high revving, boosted V6 with 400+ hp. If Porsche can do it so can Honda.
Suspension: Mid engine, independent suspension with street/track adjustments. I dont want to drive a track car every day, just occasionally (certainly at the track).
Styling: I, too, am becoming a fan of new "edgy" styling. And I have to cast my vote for fixed gas-discharge headlights. But taste is of the utmost importance with the NSX. Integrated aero ducts and wings. No bolt-on, after-thought wings. Honda had it right with the original rear difuser design.
Body: Carbon Fiber. Add an underbody tray for downforce without drag.
Creature Comforts: I love the sophistication and comfort of my 'race' car. Try taking a Viper across the country for a week! But keep it simple. CD, air conditioning, GPS Save-Your-Ass emegency call system, preforated leather bolstered racing seats, decent trunk space, aluminum interior trim bits. Convertible? Cool!
Price: Whatever's fair. I'm not a fan of pricing for the sake of exclusivity. But I'd pay 100K for the right package.

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I've only had my NSX for a week. (Grin ear to ear) and this is my two cents.

-400HP high revving V6 (vs V8 for fuel economy)
-inch more headroom
-the front of the car should stay exactly the way it is, especially the pop up lights, however the backend should be shorten by about 5 inches and maybe taper the backend slightly in maybe 2 inches on each side
-selectable suspension
-analog dash with a "digital" feel...much like the new jetta instrument clusters
-redesign the center console, just the electronics, keep the general shape/slope/distance...I would like a large info screen that would marry up to a GPS/sound system/trip computer/car info center
-F1 style shifter option (ala F355)would be nice
-door pockets
-keep the price about the same
-stock fog lights
-hid lights
-make the tail lights(the lit part) a tad less squareish...more rectangular, but not round!...maybe made out of the new LED technology
-ceiling strap near door entrances to aid in getting into the car...like jetta

-much wider tires/stock 18"/19"...make the whole back end of the NSX flare out about 2 inches per side