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detailRx care'd: Nouvelle Blue Pearl NSX

1 December 2022
Bay Area, Ca
Hey fellas. I'm new to the forum, but have always wanted an NSX. New or old I would love to have the ownership experience of such a car with road presence like the NSX. I have a 190e 2.3-16v Cosworth which is in relation to the first gen NSX because of Aryton Senna's existence. My cousin was the original owner of a boosted 2008 GPW/Red S2000 that I threw some J's racing and ASM parts on to make his day. lol. I wanted to nerd out with this Nouvelle Blue Pearl NSX needed a paint correction (not sure if the owner is on the forum, I believe he is one of the OG owners of this gen NSX). Friend of a friend.

The car had the entire front end up until the doors PPF'd. Taillights & various gloss black pieces were also corrected. It has been awhile since doing a write up so please bare with me I'm sure there's some equipment or products left out. Pics taken with an iPhone. All equipment, tools, and products purchased with honesty from Detailing.com in Lake Forest, Ca.


The Wash/Prep:

Spotfree Reverse Osmosis h20 hooked up to my hi mileage 040 Black/Black Mercedes Benz E320
Gas Powered Pressure Pro Washer
MTM Foam Cannon
Adams Car Shampoo
Carrand Sheepskin Washmitt w/ Cuff
2 Bucket Wash method w/ Grit Guard
Sonax Iron Free Wheel Cleaner
P&S Citrus degreaser
Wheel woolies wheel brushes
Master Blaster 8hp blower for drying
1 Cap Optimum No Rinse diluted in a spritzer bottle (clay lubricant)
Clay Magic Medium Grade Blue
Wash Technique tips: Wheels first. Definitely a satisfying approach to a clean car because it IS a back breaking task. It is protocol to throughly rinse any wheel finish with water before applying any sort of product or iron free chemical. Top to bottom for paintwork, front bumper, and rear last....then side skirts. Any sort of paint is very delicate in any case, it must be in the right hands during any procedure. Relax, it is a hobby! ;)



Cutting Tools/Pads/Compounds/Polishes(if needed)/Lighting/Tapes:

Rupes Bigfoot Dual action 21mm 5" backing plate (larger surface panels like mid door or flat 3/4 areas)
Rupes Bigfoot 75e mini (complex areas above door handles and gas cap)
Rupes iBrid shortneck
Meguiars 5" and 3" white Microfiber polishing pads
ScanGrip Lighting
Plushy Detailing.com towels
3M Inspection Spray (polish oil remover)
-Various sizing 3M painters automotive tapes to avoid paint burns and any unnecessary overheating of clear coat for maximum protection.
**Griots Garage Correction Cream**
(awesome product, great for beginners getting into the detailing hobby. It's an oily product that allows the user extended periods of polishing sessions to safely remove microns of clear coat like the hard paint on this NSX. However, it is in your best interest to have compressed air to clean your microfiber pad after a heavy pass with Tornador's Blowout tool. If not, a pad brush will work, but it will take longer.)


Nouvelle Pearl Blue notes: Quite the color, I have never seen anything like it! I flipped my boosted Interlagos Blue E46 M3 comp to fuel my passion for detailing, the blue/purple paint was nowhere near as iridescent as this after a heavy polish session. After all, that is the importance of paint correction. Enhancing the factory finishing through deep reflections. My Scangrip color match floodlight exposes the difference between the completed door and 3/4 panel. It truly is an art that is not to be rushed, but totally doable for the patient beginner's garage queen.

IMG_4189 2.jpeg
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Your time involved with the right tools is a dealer breaker on how much compound, polish speed, and pressure is used. This NSX is within exotic territory in terms of the kind of paint booth/paint job from Acura. However, because it is relevant to most Japanese vehicles, it retains its gloss because of the tedious finishing work involved. Climate, washing, and even delivery mileage can affect the aging of clear coat. The first & last photo is a comparison of untouched factory clear coat and Griots Garage Correction Cream.​


Around the Edges:

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Final Stretch:
I always take pride in my tape jobs...even if it gets me working on the car overtime. There is no better feeling than stepping back & admiring the tape job after the longest polishing session. An RO water pre-rinse is followed by the MetroVac 8hp Masterblaser ridding any crevice of polish dust prior to Gtechniq C1 application. Great beginner friendly product that provides a great foundation of protection. There are so many coatings out there, I like this one...it eases the workload on my back during maintenance washing.





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The end result looks awesome. Sorry if I missed it, but do you own a shop or do detailing on the side? You have and use some quality products.. Plus the results speak for themselves.

Side note, I also purchase my stuff from Detailing.com. Love dropping by their shop when I'm in the area. I enjoy detailing, but it's just a hobby.
I love the dedication of detailing and I can 100% see the draw to it. I can spend days doing an engine swap, but I just can't find the patience to do this kind of work. Also good to hear that the paint on the NC1 also seems quite special.
My PPF guy who has done every super-duper car from all the oem's commented the nsx has the best paint quality/application..