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DFW toy run December 13 2014 with Ferrari group

14 August 2005
Arlington TX
A year or two back some of the Local DFW NSX group joined the Ferrarichat group in a charity toy run.
Don, the organizer, sez this will be his last year. He's put together 9 previous runs.
So if any here want to run with the horses please let Don know by posting at the Ferrarichat, Texas section or post it here and I'll let him know.


Myself and one other NSX are signed up as of today; Sunday the 7th.

Thanks for updating the info here and at Fchat.
My cars engine is stumbling. Probably bad gas from a year + storage.
Will try and get it up to speed by tomorrow.
Here is the run info as copied and pasted from post # 34 at Ferrarichat.com Texas section. Post #34 where there is a file for the flyer. (I dont know how to copy that, Doh ! )
Probably best not to call Don unless you cant figure something out yourself; he's probably snowed under as I write this.

Here is the 10th annual D/FW Toy Run Flyer. Please note we will be starting from Dallas Motor Sports a local facility run by Carl Janin and Jonathan Peck. Two long time friends of the Dallas and Fort Worth Motor community.
Dallas Motor Sports is located in Wylie Texas at 304 Paul Wilson Road 75098. Here is a quick set of instructions on how to get there. If you are coming from Fort Worth, the Mid Cities, North Dallas, etc. Get on the George Bush and go east to the highway 78 North, Wylie Rd. exit. (This is 10.3 miles east of Coit Rd. for reference) You will proceed North on 78 for approximately 6.5 miles until you get to Ballard Rd (2514). This will take you about 15 minutes. Turn left on Ballard and go approx. 1 mile to Paul Wilson Road and turn right and go to the last building on the right before the turn. The Collin County Sheriffs Dept. will probably have the road blocked off, so tell them you are with the toy run. Parking will be a little hectic but we are working on that now.
Remember admission is one or more toys, if you wish to make a monetary donation with a check, please make it out to the Collin County Children's Advocacy Center.
If you have any questions either PM me or contact me at [email protected] or call 469.235.5639

Driver's meeting at 9;15 AM.
I would get there at least by 8;45.

Dallas Motorsports
304 Paul Wilson Road
Wylie, TX 75098

- - - Updated - - -

Info from one of the owners of Dallas Motorsports;

Just an update on the Food Truck coming out tomorrow morning; they called this afternoon and said that the actual Brunch Truck itself is having some mechanical issues so they will bring out one of their other trucks.

They will still be serving their breakfast menu items off of that truck though so those that are hungry will still have a breakfast option on site.

Look forward to seeing everyone in the AM !!

Looks like the weather is gonna be perfect last time I checked.

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