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NSteXpo 2014 / Dallas .... Save the Dates: August 29-31, 2014

I just used them today. Would not recommend AT ALL. Sloppy job and rushed it for no reason.
Bad news...again. :-(

I am still in Houston (I ended up having to work today) so I obviously will not be able to make it to Dallas this weekend...sorry all.
Thanks to Single Samurai, Vanishing Point, Clean Green, Dirtie Hippie, and all the others that helped to make this weekend so successful! I had a great time. :)
Same here. Made it home a while ago. Drove through horrible rain halfway. Loved the group drive. Enjoyed meeting everyone. Your all great folks.
Thanks to Single Samurai, Vanishing Point, Clean Green, Dirtie Hippie, and all the others that helped to make this weekend so successful! I had a great time. :)
Single Samurai, Vanishing Point, Clean Green, Dirtie Hippie; Thanks for a great weekend and for all of your hard work. Drew and I thoroughly enjoyed our selves and it was great seeing old friends and meeting new ones.
Glad to hear everyone has had a safe return. The event had it's challenges in planning/coordination, but it was a ball in seeing it come to fruition and having all of you participate. I'm looking forward to seeing those videos and pictures of those great NSX's. Kudos to my fellow NSXteXpo organizers on a fantastic NSX experience.
Had an absolute blast this weekend and I'm still on the high from it! Wish I would have stayed another night now! Definitely will return :)
I hope with all the pictures taken, some wind up here somewhere. Kevin, Angies a real trooper hanging out of the car at 60/70 mph taking pics. Huge thumbs up to her.
Probably should start a pic thread in the pic and video section so the other regions can be jealous >:) Speed6 was the official photographer so maybe he can kick it off with an official thread!
I had a fantastic weekend. Thank you to everybody that made this possible (Terry (Samurai), Steven (VP), etc.) I also want to thank the other members for answering all my questions (TXvsLV, Nero Tenebre, many more) and Robert for all the video footage.

My memorable moments:

- Pulling up to the hotel lobby and shocking all the valet attendants
- Going to the second floor of the parking garage and seeing all the NSXs made it feel like a scene from Fast and Furious
- Going to Tanger Mall in a huge group, it was an NSX Hells Angels chapter as we took over all the lanes on the highway
- Seeing all the amazing cars, Gil's suede/alcantara interior is unbelievably nice, Omar's 600hp setup is sick. Amir's NA masterpiece. Steven's LBBP, I can't get enough of that color. And whoever has the SENNA plates, awesome ride. And walking around and talking to everybody about their cool setups and mods.
- The group drive was spectacular, great job on choosing the route.
- Awesome dinner Saturday night.
- And listening to Steven giving everybody their driving instructions, I expected him to start yelling "can you dig it?"

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Haha! I'll have to remember to include that in my next pre drive diatribe.

Ian (Speed6) was responsible for the still photography and must have taken dozens of photo's throughout the weekend. Robert (RedDye#9) had three GoPro's on his car during the cruise to Tanger Mall and Group#2's drive so there should be some amazing photo/film forthcoming.
What a fun weekend.
Thanks to all the Dallas area folks that put together the events. Everything went like clockwork.
The sight of NSX's running in formation is awesome.
The drive on Saturday was a blast.
The spirit award goes to Kevin's girlfriend, Angie for hanging out the window taking photos. She started out sticking her hand out the window and before it was over, she was hanging halfway out the window.
Scott gets, "luckiest" award: Blowing an oil line, saving his engine and getting it fixed and back on the road the next day on a holiday weekend.
Lots of pressure on us Houston folks to put together an event - a tough act to follow.
You Guys Are Great!

Thank you all so much for all of the kind words.

All of you are what made this weekend Great!

As for a place to post pictures .... here you go! It cut me off / Maxed Out
until somebody else replies ... LOL! So I'll post more tomorrow. I know
some of the Pro Photographers may take some time to weed through theirs.
So I posted some of my poor quality pics to get it started.

Thanks again to All Of You for making this such a Memorable Event!


Oh, Here's the Link to the thread!


P.S. NSXonwheels, I was laughing So Hard! Indeed Vanishing Point needs to add that to the Pre Drive Meeting!:)
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Amazing event! Special thanks to the Dallas guys who put this together. Really enjoyed seeing your rides and sharing stories with everyone. Looking forward to the next gathering!
Thank you to Dallas folks for hosting. Was an uneventful weekend for me but great to see old friends and meet owners for the first time.

I do want to say thank you to Kelley KONSX, Henzley (Timeless), Mark (Prideexhaust and Terry (singlesamurai) for all the help with my nine hour vehicle fiasco being stranded. Car is running normally after the common fix with main relay and coil pack water logging.

Will have a 2.0 version build with a full makeover to start fall this year after the Madonna Project.

Until next time....
Big thanks to everyone that was able to join us throughout the weekend. All the planning and preparation only goes so far without you guys. It was a weekend to remember for a long time to come. Can't wait for the next one!!
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Thanks to everybody who put it together and everyone who came. It was awesome. We definitely need to do this more often!
Thanks to all for such a great event. Special thanks to Terry, and Steve and also to Mark at Pride and the NSXCA.
Sorry I missed it guys. Was ridin' the MC in CO and NV to escape the heat and have some other fun. Hope to see the Texas crowd in Ohio.
Great event for sure!.. Yes big thanks to Mark for sponsoring & providing the Tees, Steven for setting up the drive, Terry for the NSXCA sign ups & all, Kelly for them drinks!.......Until next time...........
^^Welcome Gil glad to assist, good to see you & your ride back on the road.
Hope not to see anymore ordeals anytime you come to DFW.. :smile: