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Direct swap iron rotors for OEM Carbon Calipers.

My Bad.
I was thinking more of regular drivers being a little spirited and missed on those racing like yourself.
I didn't realize it was happening that bad and so uneven.
I would have expected ACURA to create a TSB on such, as it is designed to be track drive off the showroom.
as such, a tech design fix is in order and comp costs for those racing it with the problem.
Lets hope they get a fix.

The consumables costs of the pads and rotors for Ceramic brakes are MUCH MUCH higher if you track the car at all. Plus, at least on other cars, they don't seem to work any better-- so what's the point? Lots more choices for pad material for iron brakes. Finally, the stock Ceramic brakes seem to eat rear pads at an alarming and uneven (top to bottom taper) rate.

That's why.