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Disconnect the power antenna

30 April 2004
Olathe, KS
Hello fellow NSX owner.

My '91 has a problematic power antenna. It will extend to its full length, but usually will not retract all the way when the radio is turned off. I understand this is a fairly common problem. In order for me to retract the antenna all the way, I sometimes have to push down on the stalk while it is going down. I fortunately have not stripped the gears yet doing this.

Can the antenna motor by itself be disconnected without having an adverse effect on the stereo system? I'm sure this will have an effect on radio reception. This does not bother me since I listen to CDs most of the time when driving the car. I did a search on this specific subject matter but was unable to find anything.

I was thinking of replacing the stock antenna with a Shark II. The only problem for me with this is that the exposed antenna would get in the way when I put my car cover on.

Any information you can provide would be very much appreciated.


'91 Red/Ivory
I disconnected the power to my antenna. Mine went up and down fine, but I hated the cell phone tower look of it and never have been too keen on the S2K look antennas.
I too hardly listen to the radio, but found that reception is actually fairly decent with the antenna disconnected.
Its easy, just pull back the trunk liner on that side and its just simple plug to disconnect.
Have you tried cleaning the antenna shaft with a fine grade Scotch-Brite pad ( like the one for non-stick cookware ) Wipe all grit and dirt off with a paper towel.

After cleaning give the antenna shaft a good coat of WD-40 and move it up and down a couple times to the oil in the right places.

This will need to be done several times a season , but it works for me.
The shaft of my Shark II antenna unscrews, so I use my car cover with no problem.

'96 NSX-T, red/tan
I did the same- let the antenna down, pull back liner- disconnect power source. BUT LEAVE the antenna wire. helps to get a better signal.

I get strong channels but not smaller ones. but im fine bc of mostly ipod and CDs
I agree with the above - simply remove the connector from the antenna. Pulling fuse 34 under the hood will cut the power to the antenna motor, but leaves power constantly on the "up" relay while the radio is on. That will risk overheating the relay. That's not a concern for the already-defective antenna assembly, but for a (very small) risk of fire or a burned-smell in the trunk area.

'96 NSX-T, red/tan
If you want the antenna to actually work properly again, clean it with a rag, spray some silicon lube into your hand and then rub it on. If that doesn't work, go to the dealership and ask them to use their antenna wrench to back that nut off a little. Gives the antenna more room to move, sometimes.
You can try to move the nut yourself with snap ring pliers, but watch out, you'll scratch the paint if you slip. Make a shield out of cardboard.