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Does anyone have theDenso part # for the a/c compressor

29 October 2008
melbourne australia
The Denso part # on my a/c compressor is 10PA15C (Style) and 147200-3041 part #. But according to Denso this number does not exist can anyone help with an alternate part number .its a 1991

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I recently needed a new compressor for my JDM '92...... local price in excess of $1200 from Honda Aust.

Quick call to Acura of Augusta and the same part was US$430 plus shipping, total around $500 to my door and only took 2 weeks.

Could be another option.
Thanks Mike and Wayne finally got it sorted out with part # from Mike's imported compressor from the states .

Compressor $255 Drier $20 plus $90 shipping
Local price for compressor was $1499.55

What can I say
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Just goes to show how much the local Honda dealers value our business...... grab your ankles and present yourself if you want to buy local!!!

I recently bought a new power steering rack for my '92..... quoted in excess of $12000 from local NSX dealer. I imported myself for $5000 all duties paid.... local just ripping us off!!!!