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Does the OEM bottom bumper have a VIN tag?

19 December 2004
Glastonbury, CT
Summary: Does the lower bumper half have a VIN tag? Mine does not. (Obviously I do mean the colored lower half not the black plastic splitter).

Details: Long story short, I'm fixing my front bumper. I have a damaged upper half which I'm considering fixing but might actually replace it. Problem with replacing is that the upper is a VIN tag part. I hate to ditch the original since I'm pretty sure it's repairable. I then notice my bottom half didn't have a VIN tag. That is the source of the question.

Any help appreicated.
No. The front fascia assembly vehicle component identification (parts marking) label is affixed on a "tab" that is at the top, towards the passenger's side, of the front fascia assembly and visible upon opening the front hood. You have obviously noted that label.