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Does this cost seem high?

24 February 2002
Waterford, MI, USA
Hi guys,

I just got a quote from my local Acura dealer (Acura of Troy) on installing Dali Racing's window fix-it thingies. Of course the service person recommended that I replace the entire window regulator (without seeing my car) but I informed him that I just needed the thingies installed. I was then quoted a labor figure of $140.00 per door. Does this seem high?

I have some mechanical background (and have friends with more) but we have never pulled off a door panel before and I hesitate to do it on my NSX. I don't like the idea of paying almost $300.00 for under 2 hours of labor (according to Acura's TSB), but if that's the going rate, I will pay.

Thanks for any input

'91 Black/Black
I would think that price is a bit way-out.Thats just my opinion.It should cost more like 60.00/hour and assuming "you are supppliing the "window fixits'" total should be 120.00-150.00.I'm gonna inquire w/ Mark B. tomorrow and let ya' know what he suggests.

Part of the problem is your @ the dealer and they are going by thier rather agressivly priced book.Nothing personal its just the price they need to cover thier overhead(usually a lot more than most think that would cost)/do the job/pay the tech./and make a usually small profit.And of course agrivation fees so if and when something doesn't go smoothly that they can afford to eat it .As a dealer they "usually" must satisfy the customer @ any cost (get it "any cost")to maintain a good reputation (although sometimes this is not the case)this type of service usually reflects in price too.
As an owner of a specialty type service I would much prefer to have my customers complain about price(and if they give us a chance to show value we usually have a loyal customer)than to complain about the service .If they are complaining about the service and I can't make it right "I've got a serious problem that must be addressed immediatly".
But then again thats only looking at things through my mentor's and my eyes.

In other words I agree with you that some things I can'not validate using some companies services thats why I have more than one mechanic for any one of my vehicles.Sometimes that mechanic is "me". In any event sorry to be so long winded.... :)

This operation is all labor on their part. They came up with that figure, probably by estimating that it takes two hours at $70 per hour. (I doubt that dealers around you charge as little as $60; they sure don't around here.) They should be willing to tell you how they came up with the estimate (number of hours and hourly rate). As you know, if this is being done by someone who has taken apart an NSX door before, it should take an hour or a little more to do each side (edit - although Chris says two hours below, and he's pretty knowledgeable, so maybe he's right). They probably have never done one and are estimating on the highly conservative side by figuring two hours per side.

My suggestion is that you ask them if they can bill you for actual hours if it takes them less than the number of hours in the estimate. That is a reasonable request, one to which they should readily agree.

If not, take it to another dealer, preferably one that has done this before.

Also, you may want to show them the photos in this topic so they can understand exactly what they will be replacing.

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Thanks for your input. I did email them a copy of the TSB but did not think to include the excellent photos VYTAS provided. I will call and ask the questions you suggested on Monday (the dealership is closed on weekends)

Thanks Again

P.S. Should I forget about attempting to remove the panel myself?

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I think 2 hours per door is very reasonable. Just my opinion (I've done this mod before, and it is time consuming)...

-- Chris


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I had a friend of mine who works at a Body Shop help me do mine. It took us or I should say Him around an Hour and a Half per Door and he's never done one before on an NSX. It's really not that difficult just making sure all the wires get disconnected and reconnected when you put everything back. I bought a brand new Regulator though for the drivers side and both sides work like a charm.

Steven 91 Blk/Ivory
Michigan NSX: I just had my local dealer in Indianapolis,(Ed Martin Acura)install the thingies both sides, and lube for a total of $180. This was just two weeks ago. Scott