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Driven 2012 Car Show @ Calgary Olympic Oval

2 March 2010
Edmonton, AB
If any of you local Calgary folks are unaware, there is a car show in Calgary tomorrow. I know there will be ~6 NSX's in the show! Come one, come all.

5 Nsx' at the compact tuning lab display (mine, Sean, Todd, Dave and Keith's). Some of ours are stock, some mild and some wild!

Nicks sorcery wide body is suppose to be there as well.

There are a few of us! I'll be in the 780Tuners booth! I'll wander your direction tomorrow. 5 in your booth, 1 in ill motion, 1 in 780Tuners, Nick is in mike bolds widebody, and there is a stock 91-94 in the far corner. Soooo many NSXs!!!!
Went to the show. Have mixed opinions about it as a whole.
Ya, there were toooooo many NSX's! They were more common then Supras.