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Driving Ambition Built C30A1 Engine, Comptech Supercharger & 6-Speed Transmission

5 May 2017
Fully Built(except for stock rods) C30A1 Motor For Sale(current displacement is 3.2L)
Serial # 2300672
Price: $12,000 SOLD

Contact Info:
No texts please

I bought my current NSX in November 2017 from the original owner who had the motor build done by Shad Huntley at Driving Ambition. The motor had failed and needed to be rebuilt. In the effort of full disclosure the owner had been racing the car in the Silver State Classic. The build was completed 10/7/2015 when the NSX had 107,426 miles on it. When I purchased the NSX the mileage was just over 109,000. Roughly 1,574 miles were put on the motor after the build but before I purchased it. Some of those miles were break in miles and some were racing miles. I think about half of those miles were from racing.

I picked up the car November 6, 2017 and trailered it from northern California to southern California and from there I drove it back to Houston. The trip home put 1,620 miles on the car. It ran great the whole way home and never smoked or consumed any oil. I checked the oil every day of the drive. The previous owner supplied me with all the records from new, so I have the build sheet/invoice from Driving Ambition. I also called Shad to confirm that he did the build and that the invoice was correct. He confirmed that it was his work and that he had maintained this NSX since 2008. He said the motor is built for 600whp. Currently the car makes 417whp with the 9psi Comptech supercharger and Driving Ambition aftercooler. The motor has 3,400 miles on it since the build. This number might change a little as I do rarely drive the NSX.

Reason For Sale:
Will be doing a K-series swap

Engine Build Date:
October 7, 2015 at 107,426 miles

My Purchase Date w/Mileage:
November 6, 2017 at 109,000 miles

Current Mileage On The NSX:

Current Mileage On The Motor Build:

Build Specs:

Built by Shad Huntley at Driving Ambition
Driving Ambition Steel Block Sleeves Bored to 93mm – It’s now a 3.2L motor
Forged CP Pistons 93mm bore 9.5:1 compression ratio
Cometic Head Gasket 93mm
ARP Head & Main Studs - I don’t have this documented
SOS oil pan baffle
Cedar Ridge Locking Timing Belt Tensioner
SOS Billet Steel Main Caps
Timeserts installed in block
OEM Rods
New OEM Bearings
SOS Oil Cooler Kit
Driving Ambition Racing Valve Job and Assembly
Inconel exhaust valves 30mm
OEM 3.2 liter intake valves
Comptech lightweight steel retainer set
Eibach valve springs
New OEM valve seals

6-Speed Transmission w/NSX-R Double Splined Input Shaft & Oil Cooler Kit
Serial #SR8M-7101034
Price: $7,500 SOLD

Transmission has 17,448 miles on it but only 3,681 miles since the input shaft install.

6-Speed Transmission - part # 20011-PR8-E61
NSX-R double splined input shaft - input shaft was installed 3,681 miles ago by Driving Ambition
Driving Ambition Transmission Oil Cooler Kit

Exedy Twin Disc Organic Clutch & Flywheel
Price: $1,000 - SOLD
Clutch has 2,396 miles on it
Installed by Driving Ambition at 108,430 miles

Comptech Autorotor Supercharger w/Driving Ambition Aftercooler
Price: $8,500 SOLD
Supercharger kit has 17,448 miles on it. SC was removed, cleaned and inspected 3,400 miles ago when the motor build was done.

Updated Comptech Autorotor Supercharger
Driving Ambition Aftercooler Kit
86mm 9psi Pulley and Belt
Cedar Ridge - Comptech Supercharger Locking Tension Adaptor
SOS Breather Kit
AEM Engine Management System V1
Fuel System – RC 550cc Injectors, Fuel Filter, Fuel Pressure Regulator, External Bosch Fuel Pump & Lines
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Interested, where are you located? I'm in Canada, I am debating if I should go for your engine or go with sos 3.5l build (spun bearing on my 3.0 with stock bored sleeves).
I'm in Houston Texas. I have no problem getting it crated and shipped to Canada. Feel free to give me a call if you would like to discuss further. Thanks
Motor and clutch have been sold. Trans and Supercharger are out of the car and ready to go.

Supercharger will also come with the SOS big bore throttle body that I left attached to it.
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Message for Blood Stone:

I received a PM today from you today but when I responded it said your inbox was full. Please give me a call to discuss the supercharger. 832-879-3301 Brad

If anyone has Blood Stone's contact info please send me a PM. Thanks