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Drove a 2002 Lotus Esprit V8 Twin Turbo--MY REVIEW

I Love Lotus Esprit! :wink:


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Meeyatch1 said:
I used a '94 Esprit S4 as my daily driver for a few months and can report the following:

1.) People always ask you what it is...and when you tell them it is a 'Lotus' they say, 'Oh', and get a confused look on their face. This is followed up with, 'Who makes Lotus,' and pretty soon it becomes easier to just say, 'Do you remember the car from the movie 'Pretty Woman',' and they then remember. Quite a pain in the arse. :(

There was also one in Basic Instinct
I'm glad to read that a lot of you share my views on the Lotus. I really thought I was going to get flamed for having a review on the Lotus as negative as mine was. :redface:
eg9 said:
I don't own an S4.... I own an S4S. I've owned a 2003 NSX for 2 years.... I KNOW what I'm talking about. The V8 did 0-60 in about 4.3 and the S4S will do it in 4.4 0-100 in 10.5 approx for both. (These are Official Lotus figures) My old V8 Esprit and my S4S Esprit would beat my NSX... Don't worry, the NSX was amazing... You're absolutely right.. It is NOT faster by much.. Definately NOT the reason I moved back to an Esprit. It's the whole package, not just the performance. I would love to have both cars, and keep my STI..

Magazines and the Big Three would love to have you work for them! They can toss out their dynos and all of the trips to the track for testing, and have you give them HP figures and 1/4 times! :biggrin:
Thanks Registered User.. Wow! You really think so?? WAIT... are you being sarcastic?.... :wink:


Hope you had a great 4th of July. Fresno is at about 100f at this time... I'm sure you recall the crazy summer heat out here. You're right about how NSX owners are classy. One huge similarity about owning an NSX or an Esprit, people are always ready to talk trash about "outdated" or "that's ALL the HP you get", etc.. on both the Esprit and the NSX.. Probably a reason I find myself coming back over to nsxprime. Most of the people here appreciate sports cars in general and are less inclined to just bash a car because their car is superior... That superiority complex is usually left with the FCAR owners :tongue:

Hope you have a great summer.
Well, drive your NSX over and take a look at that one. They are nice cars. Got the red head engine right behind covered in plexiglass. You sit low in them, too, not as low as the NSX, but definitely crampeder than a Ferrari.