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Drove a Jag XKR-S

17 November 2002
Santa Barbara, CA, USA
I had a chance to attend an event highlighting Jaguar cars. All the cars we drove were supercharged and put out about 520 hp. In the end I had a chance to do a 1/8 mile run in the XKR-S of which there are only 300 made and only 100 made it to the US. This is one of the cars. They were kind enough to video tape my short run. You can see it by loading this link into your browser. It was a lot of fun.

It looked like a tricked out camera system. One camera pointing at me and one pointing at the windshield and then somehow they had a screen devoted to the speedo and g force. It was a lot of fun. The car is really a knock out in terms of looks.

Here is a link: http://www.netcarshow.com/jaguar/2012-xkr-s/

I assume this was a Jaguar promotional event? I love attending stuff like this and getting to drive other cars with no sales pressure. Glad you had fun!
Nice, I attended one of Jaguar invite only events about 8 years ago,at the California Speedway, it was fun, nice car; Did youre guide state that the 100 models that made it to the US are already sold?
and if so, lucky owners, I was not aware of it's limited production; If I ever come accros one I will make sure I get a god look considering I will be looking at 1 out of 100 in the US.:smile: