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DTR lights wiring

10 March 2012
New Bern, North Carolina
Does anyone know of a not crazy complicated path between the passenger compartment and the area under the front hood for a wire to run through to run a switch for my DTR lights? Also if I run a positive to the two lights using the existing wiring would I need to also wire in a relay so it only powers the front two lights and not the rear? I would like to keep it set up to where when I turn on my running lights the DTR lights are powered along with the rear as originally wired. I have a power source in the front compartment to use but need to figure out how to run the wiring.
I wired my DRLs up using power from the under-the-hood fuse box. Both switched and unswitched sources are available right there so you can keep the wire runs as short as possible.
That's the same one I was referring to earlier. The key difference is whether the OP is trying to use the existing 'running/driving/market' lights as DRLs or whether he's installing new lights in the OEM DRL location. I did the latter and
as clean_green mentioned, you can tie into the wiring in the fuse boxes in the front for both power and driving a relay. I did mine about 11 years ago so can't even remember which fuse box but check the Wiki for the online service manual where you should be able to use the electrical diagrams to find the best fuse box.