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Duel DIN support for my NSX?

13 May 2001
Lafayette, CO
I want to put a custom stereo system in my NSX, but am not sure how to approach it - do I have somebody carve up my stock dash, or do I need to go custom? I'd like to put a MP3 capable Stereo/CD player in, as well as an equalizer system - so, I need full face on both DINs.

Any information or recommendations on this?


David Allen
'00 Silverstone NSX-T
Hi Allen,
I was going for the same thing untill I had my center piece reoved this weekend.
Now I had changed my mind about it. I will now use the orginal Bose HU (head unit), an stelth mount EQ, MP3 cassette player http://www.unitec.co.kr/english/eng/product/mp3.asp
(I know the sound isn't the same as the real thing, but it sounds OK) and perhaps a new subwoofer from Dali.
I'll let you know how it sounds when I got it all in place.
If you can hold out until June you can get the Alpine MP3 player, its a single DIN size unit. But you better get on a list, at our store alone we have 7 people that want them and our rep told us they are in demand. Also the Apline ERA G320 is a DIN size graphic EQ. Together they would look cool. You should have a custom made center dash made so it looks clean and factory.
That's what I'm looking for is to get a custom dash made - do you know anyone in the Phoenix area who can do this?


David Allen
'00 Silverstone NSX-T
You know one of my friends, who is a great stereo installer, moved to Phoenix a few years ago. I can't remember the shop he works at but I'll ask his old shop up here in ND. When I find out I'll let you know.

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My business, www.buzz-off.com has performed over 50 high end NSX sound and security system upgrades. We typically amplify the exsisting sound system without affecting the factory appearance. For the ultimate upgrade we rebuild the dash to fit Eclipses double-din sized video monitor. The Eclipse is unique as it stays flush to dash during video operation. It motorizes out to insert cassette or compact disc. Properly installed, the Eclipse looks like a factory video deck. Feel free to request a picture or additional info.
Id like to see the Eclipse set up! What is the cost?