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Dumb question, but WTB used golf cart.. help

Speak to Jeff or racerxjling. I think he had a golf cart he was looking to sell awhile ago. He is an NSX owner.

Start here: craigslist.org
Exwife has one. Gas powered Yamaha. Bright red with chrome wheels. I think that she said she's asking something around the low 3000.00 amount. PM me if you want her #...

Get a yamaha Mule :) they are AWD and badass.... its like a cross between a quad and a golf cart :D
I'm looking to get into one as well. My city is very NEV friendly.

Decide if you want gas or electric.
Check Craigslist.
If you want electric, check out local golf courses and see if they have any they want to get rid of.
:lol: my kids in our neighborhood swim team and I'm too lazy to drive the 5 blocks to the pool :LOL: also I figure I can save a little gas for local grocery store runs and the kids love it... :tongue:

If you will be driving it on the street I believe it has to be on 35mph streets or less. The cart also has to be "street legal" ...DMV wants your $$$....again:cool:

I have a Cushman golf cart I am selling. It is posted on Craigslist. Price is $900. If you are interested and want additional information or pictures, let me know.

Can I ride in your cart Matt!!!??

When we getting lunch y0!?