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Dyno shop in central/North GA??

balanced performance and battleground are the two i would recommend. both charge the same amount for 3 dyno pulls.

If you need some tuning then balanced is where Ed is at and thats where you want to be. Dan at battleground does a good job but there is no one in the atlanta area that is as knowledgeable as Ed.

Of the two I would try balanced first. Battleground has gotten caught up in thier drifting competitions and have really let thier customer service slide.

above all DO NOT GOTO TOP SPEED!!! unless you wont to blow your car up that is :)
If you want a great shop, and a fabulous dyno that is extremely accurate, then I recommend Dyno4mance in Calhoun, GA. Andrew is the owner, and he has a dyno dynamics dyno. But, be warned, his dyno is labeled the heartbreaker, because it reads very low. For tuning purposes, it is one of the best to use.

You can visit his website site at www.dyno4mance.com
Low number huh?? ha ha Thanks for the info Nathan

Yeah. He doesnt put in any correction factors to yeild higher numbers, like the boys out in kali do. It is set to read exactly how it was originally configured.

For example, my former CTSC setup made 312rwhp on his dyno, whereas it made 367rwhp on a dynojet. Again, though for tuning purposes it is spot on. That is all that should matter anyway.