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Dynoing the car tonight, need advice

5 May 2005
Boston, MA
Hey guys.. My ARK exhaust arrived yesterday, and I have an appointment in two hours at a local dyno shop for two sets of pulls.. I'm going to baseline the car in stock trim, then put the ARK on and run it again..

I found this link regarding the ECU in the FAQ:
RKB said:
http://www.nsxprime.com/FAQ/Performance/headers.htm To reset the ECU just pull the 7.5A fuse marked "clock" in the under-hood fuse box and leave it out for 15 seconds or so. This will reset your ECU and get you out of "limp mode", but I'd wager your check engine light will come back on after awhile.

I have also read that the ECU on the NSX "learns" and that clearing the ECU will help facilitate this.. What is my best bet? Should I clear the ECU then go for a drive?? What do you think? How many miles do I need to put on the car for it to "learn"?

A little time pressure for an answer.. Sorry