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E-Bay vin JH4NA1153NT000002 ATLANTA

2 March 2005
Boise Idaho
Any experienced evaluation of this vehicle would be appreciated. Price, things to ask about etc. (I have a clean carfax on it.)

Anybody in Atlanta care to check it out?


I went and checked it out at lunch. Looked it over for 20 minutes and took it for a test drive. Here's what my uneducated self found:

It is not in snap ring range - tranny number is J4A4-3000143.
The seats are 7/10. Definite wear, but no tears or delamination.
Arm Rest in similar condition.
Missing door light on the Pass Door.
No obvious repaint. Was claimed to be original and I believe it.
Various chips on front.
Deep scratches on the leading edge of the wing that had been touched up.
A scuff on the transition between the quarter panel and the bumper on the driver's side. 1' x 2" scuff that could be brought 80% back probably.
Original Wheels are not available.
The clutch is supposedly 1500 miles old, but there are no records.
Some aftermarket stereo work, that seemed hacked together. Had the Bose headunit, an Alpine EQ in the glove box, and some sort of amp and sub setup that I heard but didn't see. It sounded fine with the stereo on, even turned all the way down, but buzzed with it turned off. The only part of the install I saw was the EQ, but I wasn't impressed with it.
It is leaking oil onto rear exhaust manifold or pipe. This wasn't obvious on startup or initial warm up, but after I got back from driving it fairly hard for 10 minutes or so and popped the engine lid it was obvious. Probably a VC Gasket or the VTEC Solenoid.
Engine looked stock and the bay was dirty.
There was a bit more noise than I would expect. Sounded like loose valves.

Seems like a decent daily driver candidate. The reserve is $26,900, but they will sell it outside of ebay. He said that he had been offered $23K and turned it down, but $25K would probably be enough to stop the auction. It's a bit more than I want to put into one, but you could do worse.

As an aside, it's the first time I've gotten to test drive one since they came up on the radar screen. Lots of fun. It's pretty quick, but still turns. It's not quite as much of a go kart as my CRX, but it's better than other cars I've driven that were as quick. One thing that caught me off guard was the tranny ratios. My CRX is doing 4K RPM in 5th on the expressway. The much longer gears of the NSX put me in 3rd on the expressway until I remembered that I had 2 more available.
Thanks for the help Dave. The snap ring check was MUCH appreciated. They told me the clutch was new as well, and said they could get the records. Also said the timing belt and water pump had been done right at 60K miles.

I bid $23,500 and was surprised to win it at $23,300. I'm probably going to have it shipped to Boise... that is just too much of a drive for me.

Once I see it I'll decide what to do with the cosmetic repairs. But for sure I will take it straight in to the dealer to check the valve noise and the oil leak.

First time NSX owner! Lots of excitement and a little bit of "money pit" fear.


Congrats on your new purchase. Mine had similar problems, but no leaks. Hey Dave Hardy, I was wondering if the missing door light on the passenger door is common on early NSX's? No big deal I was just curious cause mine has it missing as well. Did you say BOISE colorlaser ? I'm stationed in Mountain Home AFB and just purchased my NSX from a guy in Socal. I will done with the airforce soon though, but hopefully we can meet up and check each others car out. Let me know.
Yup, I'm living in Boise. Sounds like there are more NSX's around here than I thought. I have only seen one in the eight+ years I have lived here, and that was AT LEAST four years ago. (I did see a brand new yellow Lotus downtown last week... WOW!)

Another NSXPrime member from Meridian (about 5 miles from where I live) has a pal who may be coming this way with his trailer and I might be able to work out the schedule, $, etc for him to bring it out.

(Dave, I'll assume you are joking about driving it out to Boise.)
Thanks. I reported him and contacted my seller. I see this ALL the time. Surprising E-Bay is not more active about catching this kind of thing. Their reputation - and business - is at stake.