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Early Saturday July 28 drive to Fortuna to see their autoexpo

16 March 2001
East Bay, CA, USA
On July 28 weekend the town of Fortuna (near Eureka) hosts a large show for all kinds of classic cars.
See http://redwoodautoxpo.com
On that weekend you will see some beautiful cars on the surrounding roads. We can be driving some of those cars!

I have a route in mind based on a spectacular drive I made last week, including the most beautiful California coast view I have ever seen, one that stopped virtually every driver in his tracks. You'll also see some very large redwood trees. After the drive we will hang out in Fortuna and look at cars, while people look at us. Then you will have a choice of scenic route or freeway for your return.

The roads are very winding and sometimes quite bumpy. Passengers risk carsickness on the curvy parts, but we can wait for you to catch up. You will NOT get lost. I promise. Lowered suspension might cause scraping on the bumpy parts, but that's necessary to reach the most scenic parts. You will also need to sleep at a cheap motel (or a more expensive one if you prefer). In return you will experience great empty roads and beautiful scenery.

Email me if you are interested in the drive.
I'm planning to go up for the show; could take the nsx. What is the time you would be through Santa Rosa & what roads are you planning to go up on??

Thanks, John P.
I'll be leaving Santa Rosa in the NSX with a couple other cars about 7:30AM on Fri. Let me know if you will be on the road going up to Fortuna..
Hi everyone, glad to hear some are coming up for auto expo. I live in eureka, just 15 miles away. Would definitely like to meet up with you, but I am leaving for moto gp @ laguna seca thurs the 26. auto expo is a great show with perfect weather and it kills me that I have to choose between moto gp and auto expo. oh well, it could be a lot worse. any time you are in the area give me a shout, any questions about the area, just ask,,,,, Joe