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ebay scam of the day


My eBay contact is currently unavailable because i've reached the e-mail storage limit and i wouldn't be able to answer any of your e-mails. Please contact me at:

[email protected]

Thank you !!!

HAHAHAHAHAHA, maybe darian7b hacked someones ebay account?
Deuce B said:

My eBay contact is currently unavailable because i've reached the e-mail storage limit and i wouldn't be able to answer any of your e-mails. Please contact me at:

[email protected]

Thank you !!!

HAHAHAHAHAHA, maybe darian7b hacked someones ebay account?

LOL!! seriously, does the word "delete" ring any bells?? Clear up some space in your email account ya douche!

obviously a scam :cool:
Invalid Item

This listing (4562146818) has been removed by eBay or is no longer available. Please make sure that you've entered the item number correctly.
I posted his info on www.scamchecker.com. It's a start at least.

So I decided to have some fun with this guy and emailed him:

What’s the VIN number?

email from dumbass scammer said:
-----Original Message-----
From: Darian & Sue . [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Friday, July 15, 2005 6:54 AM
To: [email protected]
Subject: RE: 1993 Acura NSX

Hello there,

Thank you for your interest in my car. I want you to know that I have closed my auction earlier because someone has offered me the buy it now price, but didn't have all the money available and I cannot accept financing because time is a real issue for me. The price I want to obtain for it is $8,800US (this price includes shipment and insurance charges).

My wife was recently promoted so we had to move in Greece. We brought the car with us, wanting to register it here, but I couldn't because it is a US vehicle and to get it registered here it will need serious engine modifications in order to comply with the EU emission standards. So that is why I prefer to sell it quick now and get rid of it while I still can, because time is running and I can't keep it like that, there is a deadline term when I must pay the import tax, so I can't afford to lose time and I prefer to make some money while I still can.

The car is like new, completely working, 91700 miles, 1993 model. It is US model with US specs and passed the US test emissions. The car is insured in case of damage and you will receive it in 8-9 working days by Lufthansa at your home address. The title is clear and you will register it in your state
without problems. I will send the car having written on it 'gift' so you won't have to pay any additional taxes. It will come with all the papers (original manuals, insurance etc. ...).

The shipping costs and the insurance taxes of the package will be down to me and you only pay for the money transfer commission when you wire the funds, which is about 4% from the total amount sent.

I am requesting a $4,400US refundable deposit prior shipping and the balance to be paid after delivery and inspection. If you are not 100% content with the car, you will ship it back on my expense to get your deposit back. I am sure this will not happen, because it is a state of the art vehicle and you will have no reason not to be content with it.

This is a large purchase and I would like to use a third party for this transaction as I want a smooth and safe transaction. We will use Secure Trade, I have completed a lot of successful deals using them. I have a purchase protection account of $10,000US with them. If this is your first time using Secure Trade here are their terms: if you will not receive the car exactly as advertised or you won't receive it in 15 days since you made the deposit, Secure Trade will refund you from my Secure Trade account.

If you agree with these terms, please send me your full name, home and shipping address and your ebay id so I can register the transaction with Secure Trade asap.


Gee, I wonder why he masked his IP address. :)

From: "Brian Hill"
To: "Darian & Sue ." <[email protected]>
Subject: RE: 1993 Acura NSX Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2005 07:13:26 -0400

Sounds great, but as I was asking in the original email, what is the
VIN number?

dumbass scammer said:
Hi Brian,

My full name is Darian Guton and my address is 17 Komninon Str., 546 24 Thessaloniki, Greece.

The final price for the car is $8,800US. You will have it at your door in
8-9 working days after you will make the deposit of $4,400US. The balance of $4,400US will be paid after you inspect it. It will be sent via Lufthansa Cargo and I will pay all the shipping, insurance and handling taxes. The car will come with a clear title and all the papers (including the original manuals,the keys etc.). The VIN no. is JH4NA1157PT000118.

The car will be shipped from Greece and you won't have to pay for customs or any additional taxes when it will arrive. There may be some customs for you to pay, but if you wish we can avoid them: you'll declare you send money to a friend and I will declare the shipping as a gift/donation.

The payment will be made through Secure Trade and only after you will receive the package I will receive the payment. The money transfer will be done through Western Union having me as receiver. They provide the fastest payment services and this way I can send you the car the same day you wire the funds. When you will complete the transfer you will receive a money transfer control number (MTCN). This MTCN is like a password, no one will be able to pick up the money without it. You will not send me the details. You will send these informations to Secure Trade and they will notify me that the transfer is ok. As soon as I will have the confirmation from Secure Trade I will send you the package. After you will receive and inspect it you will send a second confirmation to Secure Trade so they will send me the information regarding the transfer and I will be able to get my money. It is 100% safe for both of us.

After the vehicle arrives you will have 5 days to inspect it. If you're not 100% content with it, you will send it back to me on my expense, for a full refund. I am positive it will not be the case.

If you agree with these terms,please email me your full name and address and your ebay id and I will be more than glad to start the deal with you.


No I plan to annoy him with stupid questions for as long as he'll keep responding. :D