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Edit posts per page

20 September 2005
Lisbon, Portugal

messing with my options in User CP, choosing a different editor, when i saved the settings, i just lost the setting i had of 100 posts/page...now it only allows me a maximum of 50...

Man.... updates sometimes bring a little pain (downgrades :tongue:)

^ Thanks very much.

that option was removed from the configuration in the last vb update, no??

i think it was working for me because i selected it when it was available (2005), but when i saved the changes a few weeks ago i lost it, right?

I'm not sure when the 100 got removed. I doubt a vBulletin upgrade changed it, since the upgrades are pretty good about not messing with existing settings. It may have been a while ago when I was adding more options between 10 and 50... I could have accidentally deleted the 100 when I was editing. Not sure exactly when that was, but I remember adding more options a while back while I was in the admin panel doing some other stuff.