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Effect of engine cover removal

Having someone hold the cover for you or any other method of having it up will help out a lot. Plus, this is probably why you can't get to the bolts if the cover is down. Unless... You have a long ass extension with a deepwell socket. :smile:
It took me less than 10 minutes to remove mine with no extra help using simple tools.

I clean the hatch glass weekly so there is no buildup of dirt and it stays easy to clean. I suppose if you let the glass get dirty and bake on for a while it might take considerably longer to clean. Oh BTW- I have dark tint on the hatch glass and have no problems with the dirt sticking to the tint.
So there you have it...10 minutes by yourself and less than 5 min. with someone else. I have black tint also and it doesn't get too dirty. :smile: