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Email spam / virus warning


15 July 2009
guys I opened an E-mail from another member
it had a e-mail worm included with the fake message.

So I am warning anyone that has e-mailed me or I have e-mailed
you may in the near future get a weird e-mail from me out of the Blue
Dont open it just delete it. and your good.

Sorry I havent had a virus or worm since 1998 LOL, but they finally got me.

now here is A trick to help combat this as I didnt follow one of my own rules.

if you get an e-mail from someone you know and there is a link inside the e-mail they want you to " check out" mouse over the link and look at its Path. if its says example: " www.barn-yard-animals. Com "
dont click it.


What made you click the link then..... ill take one guess..

You won a trip to some tropical island with the rarest NSX's and the most beautiful girls to serve you for a week and all you had to do was click the link to collect the price...:biggrin:
Another hint that an e-mail is a virus is to look what time it was sent. None of my friends email at 2:30am! :biggrin:
Was it me? I woke up this morning to find that my yahoo account had been hacked and all my contacts were sent some crap email. Had to reset everything. Plus trying to contact people to tell them not to open an email from me. GRRR!
It's Tamoske...
I caught a computer worm just by opening this thread. LOL.

Could have been worse. Some one from Africa could have wanted to share their fortune with you, but could only send you a check for $100,000 that you can keep the difference of if you send them a cool $5k first.