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Emergency Trunk Release Button (Rear Trunk) - When introduced?

19 May 2023
Hi everyone,
My recently bought 2000 NSX does not have the OEM rear trunk mat and the trunk side panels. 'did my research here and online and came up with the following needed part numbers.
84601-SL0-010ZA - Garnish, R. Trunk Side (not sure why its called the Garnish but it is the inside cover panel)
84651-SL0-010ZA - Garnish L, Trunk Side
84630-SL0-000ZA - Mat, Trunk Floor

Question for the group as I can't find this info easily anywhere:

When did the NSX get the emergency trunk release button (located on the rear garnish driver's side US LHD models)? From scouring the internet, I know that a 2001 NSX had it (pic below).
Did the 2000 have it? Did it come with '97 onwards? Was it always there? If someone with a pre 2001 can check and let me know I would really appreciate.

Pic below is from online searches (courtesy BAT) and shows a 2001 model
Screenshot 2023-06-12 at 1.04.24 PM.png
Here is a 2000 from BaT

Here is a 2nd 2000 from BaT

Based on this, it appears this feature showed up in 2001.
An NHTSA rule (document 00-27038) made it a requirement on all new US market vehicles with an effective date starting 2001 September 01. Not clear whether that was a sold after date or a built after date. If it is a sell after date Honda may have equipped 2001 models to allow for sales after Sept 1. Or, maybe they knew it was coming and it was easy to do so just get it done on the 2001 models.