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Group Buy EMI Racing & Pole 2 Flag

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Glad to hear Andre is doing well, tell him hello from Pa...
Hi there. It's been a while since I've been here. Don't own an NSX anymore but this place and NSX guys and the cars are always close to my heart. Still hang out with a bunch of NSX guys to this day. Still one of those cars I wish I can keep forever.

In any case, if you guys have any question, I prefer email or PM. liftnot is right. Mainly to keep the noise down. Everyone has an opinion and arguing on the internet does no one any favors.

As far as shock, it is an ongoing technology. Usually every year companies push the boundaries and comes up with new products. In the past couple of year, Penske and Ohlins been the forefront. Other years The JRZ and Moton was great. I really don't think one is much better than others when you're in the top range. Everyone is really close in performance. A lot of it comes down to the setup. The best thing and sometime can be the worse thing about Penske is the customization. You need someone to know to come up with a good Penske setup or you can easily get a bad experience. Eric from EMI is a really good guy, and if you guys deal with them I think you're in a win situation.

Let me know in PM or email if you guys have any questions.
same here....thanks for stopping by.I checked out your site prima.....I'm happy for you , that you have continued to practice your race craft....I have very few track miles in the last 5 years......:frown:..the bee is still alive and well, but getting long in the tooth on track....
I am responsible from bringing Andrie back. LOL. I asked him to come back to the facebook page. Doc are you ever going to get on? Nice to see you here too Andrie.
Not open for further replies.