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End-of-the-season coffee and cruise to Starved Rock State Park, Illinois on Nov. 11

28 May 2015
La Grange, Illinois
Hi Everyone,

Here's your chance to get together one last time with a fun group and go on a scenic drive before the snows fall, salt hits the roads and most of us store our cars for the winter. We're meeting at La Briola Cafe in Oakbrook, Illinois (3021 Butterfield Rd., Oakbrook, IL) at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, November 11th. As those of you who were able to make the October event can attest, La Briola is a nice place to grab a cup of coffee and/or a quick bite to eat and their parking lot is sports car -friendly. We'll be supplying maps for the drive. I'm casting a bigger net and posting this on the midwest forum vs. the Chicago-Milwaukee forum because we have two guys coming from out of state, one from Detroit and the other from Cincinnati. This originally began as a S2000 drive but has since morphed into an event open to all car enthusiasts. In addition to S2000's we have received interest from the owners of RSXs, a Subaru WRX, at least one NSX, an Audi R8 and a Ferrari 458, so it's shaping up to be a good time. Everyone is welcome - wives, girlfriends, friends, bring 'em all! I'd appreciate it if anyone who is planning on making this would either post on this thread or pm me if only so I have a rough idea as to how many people are planning on attending. Hope to see you there!

Last reminder for the drive tomorrow! It will be a little chilly but all forecasts are for no precipitation. Hope to see some of you guys there!
Thanks to everyone who was able to make the drive today! Although it was cool the roads were dry and we had a good time. Thanks to Erv and Steve for representing the NSX community (I had my S2000). Hope everyone has a nice holiday season, endures the long drought storing cars over the winter and will be ready for some trip ideas for next spring. There's already talk of an overnight trip to Galena, Illinois being discussed for next spring! More on that later!