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Engine Cradle Fabrication Drawing

18 February 2015
hello all,

as per this thread: https://www.nsxprime.com/threads/engine-cradle-fabrication.219633/

I said I would put together a quick drawing so others can make their own engine cradle. I have done just that, it does differ in the design slightly from @TANTO395, mostly to make it easier to manufacture off the car. A few notes though before you make this

1. I haven't made this and tested it yet. It might be miles out in fitment (I think its close enough, but if you make it, and want to suggest changes, then I'm all ears and will update the drawing accordingly.

2. This is not an engineering drawing. If I put this in for checking at work, then I would be asked firmly, but politely to leave. This its what's known in drawing offices as a sketch. You will notice lots of details missing (weld sizes and types, a correct cutting list for a fab drawing, the inclusion of bolts in a fab drawing, lots of extraneous dimensions etc) and this is for a few reasons. Mostly because I haven't tested this or done any design substantiation whatsoever, so its up to you to determine how big and what type of welds you do. I also didn't want to crate a detailed engineering drawing because they can be difficult to read for non technical people and I wanted to be more inclusive to everyone. There is also lots of extra / reference dimensions (shown in brackets) so you can do lots of checking with a tape measure before you start welding everything permanently.

3. Dimensions are in mm, get over it. I'm based in a county overtaken with the horrors of socialism, so along with free healthcare, you get the metric system.

4. Any engineers reading this, I bet your dying to point out all the ways that this isn't a proper drawing. I sympathise, I've been there, however, literally nobody cares. Not even a little. Your engineering appendage is much bigger than mine so we don't have to get into a measuring contest.

5. I did this fairly quickly and with the layman in mind, however if there is something I have missed (I am far from perfect, or even good tbh), or something that you don't understand, then please pipe up and I will fix/help out where I can.

6. This is only designed to support my engine, which is made purely out of polystyrene foam and air which weighs precisely 2kg. Any use outside of this weight is entirely at the risk of the user.

7. I haven't included castors in the design as I don't know how much your assembly weighs, therefore couldn't spec the correct ones. Plus I am not US based so any that I did spec, likely wouldn't be able to be sourced by yourself.

8. I have made the centre plates height adjustable with the use of a bolt. It is widely considered a bad idea to weld bolt heads to plate. Just FYI. I made it adjustable to make it easier to make without worrying about tolerance stack up and the inevitable movement in a welded frame. I have shown them at the heights dictated by Tanto395 in the link though, so how you make this up this height is up to you (tanto suggested the use of wood and rubber which is a smashing idea)

9. If your making this yourself, just keep in mind the import dimensions are the holes (and slots) and how they relate to each other. Everything else is basically built around these dimensions. Keep this is mind and you won't go far wrong.


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I can see the long term trauma of working for a large bureaucratic organization oozing in blood from this post. And, yet still beats ones head against the brick wall getting stuff done.

I feel your pain and salute you for your efforts!