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Engine Error Codes NA1

5 March 2023
Hi guys! Have this Codes (Blink Light) in the NSX 1993

Blink Light 12, 14, 43 ,47

Check that 12 is for EGR, 14 IAC, 43 Fuel System, and nothing About 47, anybody now something? Thanks
47 is for the fuel pump circuit. The test procedure for diagnosing the 47 DTC starts on page 11-99 of the service manual. It is not exactly clear what triggers a 47 DTC.
Error code 43 is for the fuel supply to the front cylinders. It is typically triggered by a fuel trim error. It could be a problem with injectors, a blockage to the fuel rail or a problem with the front O2 sensor.

Given the error codes that you have there could be many possible causes and you may have more than one problem. Since you have code 43 and code 47 a good place to start might be to check the fuel pressure using the procedure in the service manual.

You have an EGR error code. If the EGR is stuck open that may be altering your manifold intake pressure which could be messing up the idle control causing DTC 14. An EGR that is open when it should not be open will alter the manifold pressure and may cause the ECU to increase the fuel pulse width which may cause the engine to run rich which may also cause the 43 error code.

As I noted, lots of possible problems. Does the engine display any symptoms when running?