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Engine opinions for the next NSX.

4 October 2001
San Francisco, CA
Hi all,

If Honda does indeed bring out a new NSX what engine do you think it will have?

My guess is that it will have a compact 4.0L i-Vtec V-8 producing 420hp. Just enought to be better than the 360 Modena but not quite the same output as the S2000 (120HP/L).

Anyone else care to guess?

I wish...
detuned Mugen race V8 which is the motor that will be used in ALMS LMP600 class by dick barbur team using a panoz chassis.

G Dummy~

Faster than stock.
:D :D :D
i would like Honda to keep true to its principle and not resort to large displacment engines.

i dont mind another V6 around say 3.5L - but its gotta rev over 9000.

wouldn t that sound sweet
Why not mate up two S2000 motors to produce a
4.0 l V-8 making 480 bhp and a 9000 redline?
I'd gladly give up some trunk space for that badboy!
With a lot of friends at Acura the largest amount of people are sticking with the original rumor.... The New NSX will follow the new RWD RL with a all new 3.5 V8 The RL will recieve the detuned version at apx 335 hp while the NSX will get the 24valve heads producing 350-365 hp followed by the type-s at 395 hp. We shall see!!!!
I doubt Honda would use 3 valves/cyl.

-- Chris


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Originally posted by ScienceofSpeed:
I doubt Honda would use 3 valves/cyl.

-- Chris

In the RL,TL and CL they use a SOHC rather Than DOHC... What I meant was not 24 valve I meant 4 cam...All the engines will be 32 valve Sorry,


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it would be nice to see HONDA suprise the world with something that just blows everyone out of their pants.

they got the iVTEC thing going, is there anything Honda is quietly working on???