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Engine swaps

I had a notable turbo vendor approach me on swapping a turbo'd and F20 in my NSX. It was an interesting concept and I'm sure the performance could be there but I couldn't get into the idea.
Ian Palmers GTP(Australian race series) NSX had a transverse mounted Formula 3000 V8 engine in it for a short time. They blew the engine up in a big way & went back to twin turbo v6.
I heard about this car years ago and wondered what happened to it, i think i saw some footage of it in one race after they did the conversion and it wasnt at the pointy end of the field that day.
Are you aware of what formula one motors have in them? let’s keep that discussion to liters not cylinders?

Here is what a Formula One engine from Honda had in them - This is from 1991, can you believe it?:

Now put that in our NSX and I won't have any problems with it. 13,000RPM Red line and 60degrees (very compact actually)
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We built this:


We have a caged, titled NSX shell for sale now.