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Escort Passport radar detector hard wire from dome light (also Valentine One)

29 May 2001
San Francisco Bay Area
I recently decided to finally hard-wire my Escort Passport 9500ix, after being tired of having the coiled power cord dangling in front of me while driving. I took a regular black phone jack with two pins (you can use the four pin, but make sure to use the center two), and cut it in half.
I took off the light cover using a small eyeglass standard screwdriver, and unscrewed the two philips screws that hold the mechanism up.
I then used a voltmeter to figure out which of the two wires that power the entire module was hot. I tapped it, and also then used the other end of the cable to connect to the ground from the philips screw. I did a trial-and-error to see which of the two would power up the radar detector. Luckily, my first attempt powered it right up.

I got a wired coat hanger, and stuck it from inside to get it to where the headliner meets the windshield. Once I was able to pull out the coat hanger end near the window, I taped up the phone jack cable to it, and pulled it in. I then connected the wires together, and placed the light module back into place.

Here is a photo of the finished product. Please note that if you decide to do this, that this is a constant 12V power, and if you forget to turn off the detector or unplug it, that you can run the risk of draining your car battery.

nsx radar.jpg

I was told that this works with Valentine 1 radar detectors as well. I'm not sure if you may need to reverse the wires.
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Yes, wiring is the same for the V1. I have had both connected OK from the dome light area in my 540i. Definitely way better than the coiled approach.
I did the samething for my beltronic radar. I also use the mirror mount.
Does anyone have a picture or drawing of where to tap in on your dome light? I'm trying to hard wire my V1 for some reason the accessory ports in the driver foot well don't work so dome light is my next option.
The option connectors are powered separately and have different functions.

C911- #4 Fuse Under dash fuse box/ hot in ON position
C912- #17 Fuse Engine compartment fuse box/ hot all the time
C913- #8 Fuse Under dash fuse box/ hot in ACC or ON position

Do any work?

I got it all wired up from the dome light. Just have to make sure to remember to turn it off so I don't kill the battery. Here's some pic of the finished product.

View attachment 102118View attachment 102119

Mike, no none of them worked. I tried them all just to see if any would power up the unit. I'll have to chase down that problem another day.
Glad you got it going. You probably don't have a problem with them, maybe just had a bad connection to the jack.

All, Do you have a picture of where to tap in on your dome light? I'm not an electrician, so if I could see an example that would be awesome. Also, for those with the 9500xi; how are you managing the muting function?