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Exhaust/header/diffuser question

17 April 2012
Curious about the TAITEC exhaust system, headers, and diffuser. Do these components compliment and fit each other well?

Any cars running this whole setup?
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What is your ultimate goal with getting these parts? Are you looking to get the most power from each item (exhaust) with the added race look of the diffuser? Maybe to have all the same brand items?
Will eventually go turbo down the road. just want something for now, besides the Magnaflows on there now.

I'd like to stick to same brand vs mix+matching. More importantly, avoid lessons learned by not having all info I need (fitment).

As you can see some research was done on links above. Was just looking/verifying if taitec exhaust+headers+diffusers exists, and w/o fitment issues. I've seen little info on taitec headers w/ taitec exhaust. Besides SoS, I've not had experience w/ online sellers either (who sells these all stuff). I understand this has already been asked plenty times so the responses are expected; thank you for the reply.

Its not like the STI i had where couple K got me an exhaust system + front mount intercooler + intake, +... etc. This is looking like easy $6k new for parts alone...