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FS: STMPO Messiah Exhaust in Socal

12 March 2015
Trying to see if anyone would be interested in STMPO Messiah Exhaust for sale in Socal
Asking $1450 picked up.

In good condition overall, with blacked out tips.
Lightweight SS exhaust with good flow.
Bolts up directly to the headers(where the cats would usually bolt up)
More info can be found here: https://www.nsxprime.com/threads/the-stmpo-messiah-exhaust.139019/

Initially thought about welding quieter resonator/mufflers and cats, to make it suit my needs, but thought I'd offer it up for sale first to see if anyone is looking for this specific exhaust.
Here's a couple quick pictures of the unit installed on the car right now:
(Tip Finish)

(Seen from the Passenger side, towards the headers)

(Seen from the passenger side, towards the rear bumper/across)

(Seen from the Driver's side, towards the headers)

(Seen from the Driver's side, across)

Due to the rear diffuser covering up the rear section of the car, the exhaust is in a pretty good condition overall.
Apologies for the poor angle of the pics; but I hope they give you a clue of the condition that the exhaust is in.

I'm a new member so I do not have the PM feature active yet; I can be reached at abflugs(at)gmail if you have any questions or would like any additional pictures.

Thank you!
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