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Exhaust Shroud

2 May 2021
I’m talking that chrome ring around the exhaust exit…… I think it’s called a “Shroud”? It looks crappy and the exhaust dirt enhances that shitty look! Any after market solutions? Or do I just paint it BLACK? Just looks awful in my opinion.
No…. Just the carbon fiber spoiler. :frown: I would have spec’d the car out a little differently if I had the option….. but obviously didn’t. I’m just going to paint it black.
I agree that the chrome exhaust surround looks questionable, especially on certain colors of NSX. And it looks really bad when owners don't keep it clean and shiny (seriously, I shake my head when I see pics of people who spent thousands to tens of thousands on mods that they claim improves the appearance of their car, but they can't be bothered to spend 30 seconds wiping some chrome polish on that little part). But I do believe the glossy black exhaust surround looks better in almost all cases, and probably hides dirt better too.