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exhaust sound

10 December 2000
albany, ny, usa
Looking to put an exhaust on my new '97 and i was hoping to hear some of what's out there. Does anyone know where i can find the exhaust sounds of comptech or other aftermarket systems in a sound file?

I JUST had the Comptech/Supertrapp setup installed on Saturday. MAN, what a huge difference. It MUCH deeper and throatier than the RM exhaust..and in my opinion the Comptech exhaust is just waay to quiet.
And there is ALOT ore power available now..
In my opinion, this is the way the car SHOULD sound from the factory.
I really like the JDM stuff .
I am using Spoon now , the sound is Deep low base . sound pretty muscle .
I had ARC titanium before , the sound is Sharp loud , but Clear .

Personally I like the ARC better , but super expensive .
ARC is around $7000 cad
Spoon is around $4000 cad ( Discontinue ).
I will upload sound clips and videos of my NSX in action at Thunderhill. YOu will be able to hear my exhaust then, Please be patient. Mean while, visit my site for my opinion on my modifications and some pictures. And please remember to sign the guestbook

Please visit my NSX tuning page! Mods, Japanese NSX related stuff, pics!
I will try to post pics of the Supertrapp soon. It is pretty ugly as far as appearance goes. Very plain and has the "Made for racing" look.

The sound is GREAT. Exactly what it should sound like. IMO Comptech and RM exhausts sound waay too quiet.