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Celeritech 6-3-1 Exhaust (F1 or supercar like sound)

24 August 2007

Have yall seen this video of Headers/exhaust transforming the sound of the LS3?

We have 3-1 headers equal length hooked up to a Y pipe style exhaust that changes the sounds dramatically on an NSX:

But what about the resonators that cancel low frequencies?

That's fn-09 y pipe with headers as an example. Still some low frequency baritone in there that could be cancelled out perhaps with the resonator packing as mentioned in the celeritech mufflers at 4:33 for LS3 Video?
The TaiTec is a little too raspy for my taste. There was a vid of an exhaust a guy made that was pretty awesome but never went into any production and I don't think he ever really shared what he did. Cant find that video, but found this guy: