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Factory Five GTM - Thoughts?

23 August 2008
Seattle, WA / Abilene, TX
My father showed this to me the other day, what do ya'll think? It looks pretty awesome to me.


Not bad. Looks a lot cheaper than the Ultima GTR.
Seen the black one and the red metalic one in person. The red one has an LS7 in it. The fit and finish is actually really good. I was very seriously considering getting one instead of the NSX last year but they were still in developement on several items and I realized I still dreamed of owning an NSX. Definetely a bad ass car.
Looks nice. I wonder after the motor, transmission, wheels, paint, etc how much the final product costs(to make it look like that picture). I'm guessing $50k?
I've got a buddy building one for the Texas Mile - C5R block, Porsche tranny, twin turbos, and tuning by Kenny Tran. Should be quite a build if he ever finishes it...figure around $65K - $80K when he's done...