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Failed hatch struts, can the car still be serviced?


I think you get the idea ;)
My car came with a length of boom handle.:redface:

Strutwise is your friend:



PS, I know that you know all about this ... but for the newbs ... maybe they don't know.
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There is a prop rod that is meant to hold up the engine cover, in the event of bad hatch struts, this prop rod will hold open both the glass hatch and the engine cover. So YES, your car could still be serviced...

This is my car with bad hatch struts...

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You can definitely service the car, most techs have a telescoping support rod they can use. However, make sure that they are aware of this, as if the gas springs are working sometimes - they may forget - and the hatch can come crashing down shattering the glass.

We also sell a pair of stainless steel struts on our website that allow the hatch glass to open much wider, making service much easier and are less expensive than factory units.

-- Chris
As a temporary fix, I used two vice-grip pliers and clamped them to the base of the strut where the shocks slides up and down. I used this strategy for a few years before I bought the SOS struts.

This is temporary as it got really annoying.