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Fall Sale Brembo Big Brake Kits w/ Parking Brake

25 November 2009
Chicago, IL


GT, GTR, Race Systems, Rear parking brake



As the braking system's primary function is to dissipate heat, larger, more sophisticated discs are used in order to increase the fade resistance of the system. These discs are directionally vented for enhanced cooling, as well as drilled or slotted for improved consistency, continuously cleaning and refreshing the pad surface.

PM ME for option and quotes!

Just wanted to say I have ordered from Luke for NSX parts. Great prices and great service for your tuning needs.
For a full BBK setup F+R, consulting your online store I've found the following kits available:


1) Front (4-Piston + 328x28 2-Piece rotors) + Rear (4-Piston + 328x28 2-Piece rotors)

2) Front (6-Piston + 355x32 2-Piece rotors) + Rear (4-Piston + 345x28 2-Piece rotors)


1) Front (6-Piston + 355x32 2-Piece rotors) + Rear (4-Piston + 345x28 2-Piece rotors)

I would like some technical information, here are the questions:

- Do you have information on pistons sizes? (What is the Brake Bias for each Kit?)

- will those kits work with the OEM ABS and master cylinder?

- Do you have information on calipers weights? and rotors weights?

- is it available a Parking/Emergency Brake setup for the rear? (at least in the past there was a a brembo parking brake kit for the 328 mm rotor... is it also available for the 345 mm rotor?)

- Do you have wheel clearence templates for NSX specific kits?


Hey Bruno,


Above is a link to all the info I have on the kits Read through that and If you still have questions please feel free to ask.

Braking bias: Would change a bit but not much from the factory brakes. They have really put a lot into the R&D of these kits.
Wheel clearance: Click on the exact kit you like and click the link to the template.
Parking Brake: Both the 345mm and the 328mm rear parking brake kit is available.

Thanks in advance,

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Bruno, not a problem. That's what I am here for! I am also in the process of communicating with Danni over at Brembo USA. I will have the weight on the calipers/rotors for you shortly.


Thanks for the information Luke! The link provides a lot of good information! including the wheel clearence templates!

Couldn't find the following information:

- Caliper and rotor weight

- pistons sizes for F/R calipers

If you could get this information with Brembo it would be nice!

Thanks again


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Bruno, Pm sent. Thank you for your patience.