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  1. skitchbryant

    Rotor Options? OEM/Aftermarket

    I see a lot of pictures floating around that appear to be Iron rotors that are drilled, versus the flaked effect given off by the carbon ceramic brake upgrade. The only aftermarket rotors I've been able to find, are the Girodisc ones, which seem to be made specifically to downgrade from CC to...
  2. Track Junkie

    OEM Parts

    Garage/Moving Sale, no desire to move them! All parts in Boulder, CO from a '92; Prices shown do not include shipping. Pics attached in the following order: Rear Rotors (2) - $100 Exhaust Manifolds w/Shields (front and rear) - $350 Rear Brake Calipers (2) - 400 (sorry no photo, can get one...
  3. J

    Brakes NA1 ABS off 1994 NSX w/ 25k mi - $200

    Price: $200 Selling the NA1 OEM ABS system off my 1994 with 25k mi. I just upgraded to the SOS NA2 OEM ABS system recently and don't need the old one. The ABS was working and in good shape prior to removal. TC Design Fab in Campbell did the brake job and can attest to the functionality of...
  4. I

    WTB: Brembo E-brake Calipers

    Looking for the add-on brembo E-brake calipers or any ebrake kit. Shipping to San Diego, CA 92101
  5. I

    2017 - 2019 NC1 Acura NSX Girodisc Steel brakes with pads - 1800 OBO

    For Sale: Full set of Girodisc Steel Rotors (Front & Rear) + Brake pads. Alright. Many of you guys with carbon ceramic brakes are probably wondering "Why should i "downgrade" to steel rotors? Well... I'll be short and simple. Because of $$$$$$$. Many of you guys know the CCB's are not cheap to...
  6. I

    Brakes WTB Handbrake lever Assembly

    Greetings Looking for a handbrake lever assembly, In black, but open to other color combinations. Shipping to San Diego, CA 92101. Willing to pick up within reason. Thank you
  7. integrals

    Brakes Front and Rear wilwood BBK

    Selling a one off BBK off my NSX Uses 13.7" front and rear rotors that are 28mm thick. The setup clears my 17" advan RG fronts with room to spare. Uses SLC 6 piston front calipers, and SLC 4 piston rear calipers. Does not include E-Brake so ideal for a race car! Everything has...
  8. Arkaid

    Brakes Titaniumdave Brembo “F-50 / Lotus” Brake Kit w/ Brembo E-Brake

    SOLD Up for sale is my Titaniumdave / Cedar Ridge-designed Brembo F-50 / Lotus BBK that was on my previous NSX when I purchased it. I was planning to keep this setup for my coupe, but I’m running a 16” front wheel and this kit requires a 17” wheel to work. Our own fellow Primer Titandiumdave...
  9. C

    Full set NSX Brake Calipers and Rotors

    One full set of NSX Brake Calipers and Rotors and pads, even wear all around, 1 rear rotor got wet and has surface rust on just one side, located in SoCal, I'm willing to travel if that helps, I work between Irvine and San Fernando Valley so if your anywhere in between or not too far from either...
  10. N

    1991 Complete ABS unit

    Only has 63k miles on it but had sticky solenoids that made the light pop on. Should be a decent unit for those that rebuild. $225 Houston area. Email [email protected] for a quick reply
  11. B

    Stoptech Brake Clearance ???

    Hey anyone know if A disk from work wheels clears stoptech brakes?
  12. J

    Brakes Wtb

    NA2 front left caliper with or without bracket. I have the right caliper still in the box (reman) and im trying to complete a brake conversion on my acura cl. I'll also consider selling the front right reman for 175obo plus shipping
  13. Track Junkie

    Brakes ABS Accumulator - NA1

    ABS accumulator from 1992; originally listed in this thread as part of full assembly. This unit is no longer available from mfgr. $300, you pay shipping. $795 for full assembly (including modulator, pump, accumulator, control unit & hard lines).
  14. Track Junkie

    ABS Pump - NA1

    Perfectly working ABS pump from 1992; originally listed in this thread as part of full assembly. No longer available from mfgr. Note: Connector not included! You will need to splice your existing pump connector to it. $300, you pay shipping. $795 for full assembly (including modulator...
  15. Track Junkie

    Brakes ABS Modulator, rebuilt - NA1

    Zero hours on completely refreshed and tested ABS modulator from 1992; originally listed in this thread as part of full assembly. Solenoids cleaned a 2nd time May 17, 2017 (with no debris showing) after separating from pump and accumulator. Modulator has 48,767 miles on it (other than...
  16. C

    Brakes 97+ Right (Passenger) Rear Caliper - 43018-SL0-J02 - READ ENTIRE POST

    **Please read the entire post - I am not trying to mislead anyone with this sale.** I am selling a 97+ right rear brake caliper - GREAT FOR A REBUILD. The part number is 43018-SL0-J02 (new price is between $550 and $800). The caliper is professionally powder coated red with silver...
  17. B

    96 Complete Front and rear brake setup with rotors and brake lines

    FRONTS AND REAR SET UP. Cleaned and repainted to look stock black. Comes with stock rotors, in good condition, not warped or cracked. Will also come with stock brake lines. Asking $600 shipped OBO [email protected] 15025360_10154665402548416_2051536781620910727_o.jpg...
  18. M

    Brakes Kit Brembo 6 Plot NEW

    For Sale Front Brembo 6 Plot for NSX They are NEW, only mounted to see the fitment. 100% PLUG & PLAY Rotors Callipers Cables Pads HR Spacers 25mm(for who need) 2500$ by Paypal Contact me to: [email protected] please, thanks! This wheels are 17" The Kit is...
  19. S

    Stock NA1 Rear Calipers and Rotors

    Hello, I am looking for NA1 rear calipers with the brackets and rotors. The condition doesn't have to be great as I am just want to try them on something else. Please message me if you are willing to sell them at a good price. Thank you!
  20. M

    97-05 Front and Rear Rotors Slotted Dimpled EBC Brakes GD7353

    I have a brand new pair of front and rear rotors for years 97-05 in hand. Front GD7352 Brake Rotors, 3GD Series Sport, Front, Slotted and Dimpled Surface, 11.7 in. O.D...
  21. THMotorsports

    Fall Sale Brembo Big Brake Kits w/ Parking Brake

    GT, GTR, Race Systems, Rear parking brake As the braking system's primary function is to dissipate heat, larger, more sophisticated discs are used in order to increase the fade resistance of the system. These discs are directionally vented for enhanced cooling, as well as drilled or slotted...
  22. Risen

    Front brakes pulsate when braking?

    So I haven't driven my NSX in half a year and the ABS and TCS light both turn on as soon as I drive. Before, it was just the ABS. When I hit the brakes (even if I lightly push it down), the brakes in the front slowly pulsate. It's not fast pulsating like when braking on gravel or a wet /...
  23. B

    Brakes OEM NA2 Brake Kit (1998)

    SOLD please remove, thanks Prime Complete OEM brake kit 4 calipers (rebuilt 6 000 miles ago) 4 Discs (great shape) Hawk Pads (80% new) Front and Rear Stop Tech braided stainless steel brake lines (brand new in the bags with hardware) Asking $1 000 USD + shipping All packed (in 5...
  24. 3

    Brakes RacingBrake Big Brake Kit (OE Caliper) keeping E-Brake - NSX REAR 91-96

    Hello, I decided to go with a different route and I'm putting this setup for sale. They are brand new, never mounted. It's a great setup and keeping the OEM E-brakes too. I paid about $1450 with shipping. Instead of taking the restocking fee I wanted to see if someone might want this at a...
  25. C

    Like New OEM Wheels and Tires

    I have a set of OEM wheels and tires for sale. The wheels and tires are take offs of a 2000 NSX with 2200 miles on it. The tires and wheels are like new, one tire of the rear is a Yokohama tire because had a tire problem and that is all I was able to get at the time. It does have the same amount...