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fast idle at start up

28 July 2005
Santa Clarita Valley
Hey guys/gals, quick question. After the car has been sitting for a long time (over night) and I start it, it idles at about 1450rpm for about a minute and a half, and then drops to about 1250rpm; I don't move the car until it drops to this point. Is it necessary that I wait until it drops to 1250rpm, can I move it right away, or am I just being overly cautious?

You should wait about 2 minutes then drive it slow keeping rpms under 3k until temp gauge is in the middle, this will send oil to moving parts and warm up faster than idling for a long time. BMW also has the same requirement. Cars with dry sump lubrication where oil sits outside the engine requires about 5 minutes Ferrari/Porsche/Lambo cars.
thanks guys