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  1. Connecticut: Acura NSX Instrument Gauge Cluster Trim Panel 77201-SL0-A00ZA

    Honda Acura NSX Instrument Gauge Cluster Trim Panel Part Number 77201-SL0-A00ZA Fits '91-'05 Acura NSX's In like new condition. Comes with all 3 trim switches and are in working condition. $500 Shipped. Located in Milford, CT
  2. Ignition_Key

    Its been 1 year since the NSX Type S was revealed...

    1 year has passed since the NSX Type-S was revealed. We are in Q3 and by this time most people have taken delivery of their Type-S. What are your thoughts and experience ever after seeing the reveal video? I remember myself watching the revel video countless times and anticipating this cars...
  3. Wheels MINT_OEM NSX Wheels (2002-2005)

    These are excellent condition OEM NSX wheels that will fit 2002-2005. These original wheels came in beautiful chrome finish and show no signs of curb rashes or scruffs. The tires will come with the wheels, although they are in good condition the age/year is dated, just Fyi. Please email me at...
  4. NSX FPspec Ohlins DFV kit

    IN STOCK AND READY TO SHIP OUT! OHLINS FPspec DFV kit for the NSX! Email us [email protected] for help on how to order! Please use code "W4V115" for 5% off this product on the website, upon checkout! https://www.sakebombgarage.com/fpspec-ohlins-dfv-nsx/ Product Features Include...
  5. 2022 Acura NSX Type S

  6. bmansi

    1997 or newer Automatic wanted

    Looking for a well maintained Automatic. Not Red Please. I had 2 and sadly sold them for health reasons. Well, health is good .... at the moment.... and maybe 3rd time is a charm. Thank you very much. Ben
  7. Missing bits of the Rear Bumper?

    I took a photo of my NA1 from under the bumper towards the licence lights. It seems some bit missing as it is hollow around the licence lights. Could any one let me know if some bits needs to be there? It will be great if someone has a photo from similar angle. thanks
  8. Help with reading the ALB TCS error codes

    Hi Guys, Very new to the Forum. I recently purchased a 1991 JDM NA1. My knowledge of the car is very limited. The ALB and TCS lights are off when I start the engine. Everything looks normal. After 1 min after I start to accelarate the car, the ALB light flash and TCS light follows. The car...
  9. 1995 NSX OEM Muffler - Connecticut

    In very good condition. Came off a ‘95 Acura NSX with around 30k miles. Located in Milford, Connecticut. Willing to ship anywhere in the US/Worldwide. Buyer pays shipping. $550 Follow me on instagram for more NSX parts @nsxplug
  10. Ignition_Key

    2017 Acura NSX White (502 miles)

    Not mine but a great find... https://www.davidmcdavidacuraofaustin.com/used/Acura/2017-Acura-NSX-in-Austin-e2ca3a690a0e09af3b066ade40b0e550.htm

    BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! First off, we wanted to thank everyone who ordered during the holidays, we deeply appreciate your support! Secondly, we are deeply sorry for all the delays in emails/orders, as we weren't able to get back to all of you guys just yet but we are trying our best to catch up...
  12. Holiday Sales: 10% off all products on website

    Reward your friends, family, or yourself with parts for your FD, S2K, NSX, etc while there's a 10% discount sale on the website! Just use the code "HOLIDAYS2021" upon checkout. For any questions, email us [email protected] to help with your order today! https://www.sakebombgarage.com/
  13. Ignition_Key

    2022 NSX Type 'S'old Out!

    More appropriate name........
  14. Ignition_Key

    Gotham gray

    Since the Gotham Gray is only limited to 60 word wide, and happens to be the most appealing color, how many of you are thinking about getting a WRAP that closely resembles the GOTHAM GRAY? Here is a 3M sample chat I found. Since its s Matte finish, I’m sure one of these colors would have to be...
  15. Ignition_Key

    09/01 ─ NSX Type S prospective owners (May the....)

    Tomorrow is the big day... Per ACURA, they will be announcing all 299 allocations of the TYPE S. Reminder: The top 70 dealers get 1 guaranteed allocation and top 30 get 2 allocations, rest of the 199 units are first come first served basis for all dealers that are 70+ onwards (*many of us...
  16. Wheels Advan Model 5s 18x10+19, 17x9+22

    Selling my set of Model 5s. No trades. $3600. Text me at 562-665-8453. My inbox on here is full, if you PM me you will not get a response. 18x10+19 & 17x9+22 Brand new Federal 595 tires, 225/40, 215/40. Tires have less than 1k miles on them. - No cracks, have not been repaired or welded. -...
  17. In search of 1st Gen Black or Red Manual NSX!

    Hello, my names Mike and i'm in search of a Black or Red first generation NSX manual! My budget is around 65-70k! Email: [email protected] Phone: 7742499890
  18. Advan AVS 18x10+19, 17x9+22

    Hello all! First post here and I'm selling my set of Model 5s. I think these are perfect spec for an NSX? I ran them for 1k miles on my S14 240sx and am currently selling the car! The tires are brand new. I know NSXs can fit real wide tires, unfortunately stock body 240s cannot, hence why such a...
  19. Powertrain RDX injectors and chip

    Want to buy RDX injectors and most importently EEPROM/Chip that works with these.
  20. Aero Z

    Center Digital Clock

    WTB Center digital clock in good condition, text me @ 267 391 6764
  21. stuntman

    Design and Make your own NSX 3D Printed Parts! - Tutorial

    Hey guys, check out the article I wrote on MotoIQ.com, discussing my journey to solve a problem of the NSX's OEM plastic door frame cracking, and the inability to source the driver's center section. You too can learn how to design and 3D print your own car parts: Make Your Own Parts with...
  22. Wheels Titan T-S5 Wheels/Tires-Black- Almost New Cond - ONLY $2000

    Titan T-S5 Wheels in Machine Black - Currently mounted on my '94 NSX. Fits both NA1 and NA2. F: 17X8 +37 offset R: 18X10 +40 offset Center Caps included in matching black. Ordered direct from Titan...
  23. Arkaid

    Interior Momo Zagato Steering Wheel

    SOLD For sale is my Momo Zagato steering wheel. I ran this wheel for 4+ years on my NSX, but recently purchased an OEM Type S steering wheel so I am selling this one. This version of the steering wheel was found on the Alfa Romeo SZ/RZ. The shape and size of the Zagato is identical to the OEM...
  24. FS: Immaculate NC1 2017 Acura NSX - $120,000

    Up for sale is a immaculate NC1 2017 Acura NSX. This vehicle has been well kept. It does not see any moisture, and is a garage queen. It is only driven on sunny days. Below is the breakdown of this vehicle. I am the actual owner. The previous thread that was posted on this vehicle was not the...
  25. Memorabilia Kyosho No 08082R Acura NSX Red

    Sold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This model has been in the box since I purchased it in 1997. Unfortuneately the car is gone so now it's time for someone to enjoy this well made model. $200 with free shipping in the US.