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Ferrari 458 stunt

I'm sure the tire marks will come off, but I do agree the donut was a bit extreme. I don't see an issue with them putting the car up there, but peeling out and marking something sacred to that area is a bit far.
LOL... This is like Merecedes bringing over an SLS and doing donuts in Arlington national cemetery.
the driver didnt even do a nice circle it was a half C stupid none the less
Autoblog reported it too, but they mistakenly called it the Great Wall. :rolleyes: I'm guessing the responsible Ferrari dealership employee is no longer employed (if still alive).
I've been there. FWIW the wall is gigantic; fortunately they didn't disturb/deface the entire landmark. If the wall has survived 6 centuries of erosion and foot traffic, I'm sure it can handle a 3,200 lbs ferrari.
Sorry but dont blame the car and its a wall.Really........Shouldn't have been allowed but i cant see real outrage over it.Take a pill scrub off the black and move on.
Sorry but dont blame the car and its a wall.
Sorry, but that's being a bit insensitive. It's not just a wall to some people. I'm not the world's biggest history buff, but even I recognize that some things are worth preserving. After all, the NSX isn't just a car, right?


A historic site in China's former capital that dates back more than 600 years to the Ming Dynasty was damaged Sunday after a Ferrari raced across it before a publicity event for the Italian carmaker, the official Xinhua news agency said.